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Passion (Vol. X Issue 1, Fall 2011)


Numerically Speaking” — Carreen O’Connor
The Decree” — Farha Hasan
Modus Operandi” — Robyn Parnell
The Mermaid’s Treasure” — Mary J. Webster
Ruby Reds and Baby Blues” — Sean MacKendrick
The Rescue” — Eve Ottenberg
Power Failure” — Russell H. Krauss
The Weakest Witch” — Jaine Fenn
My Maturing Experience” — Raghbir Dhillon
The Broken Cross (Part 2)” — John Hitchner
Pursuit of Happiness” — B.P. Brodt
Quiet River” — Richard R. DiPirro
After the Magic” — Kent McDaniel
The Last Saturday Matinee” — Brent Petretti
Dreaming Crow” — Diana Green


Possibilities” — Jeannine Pitas
Cherry Picking” — Michael Lewis-Beck
On the Limbic Art of Time” — Leland Jamieson
Father John Clermont’s Hands” — Robert Phelps
Electricity’s Ghost” — Charles W. Brice
Simpatico,” “Ursine,” “Venal” and “Wormwood” — David Kowalczyk
Love Affair in the Color L” — Luke Maguire Armstrong
Mathematical Love Poems” — Peter Vetrano
Seeing Orange” — Tanya Pilumeli
Slowness Still” — David Breeden
Speak” — Margaret Walther
Shadowless Seas” — Mark A. Murphy
It’s Hell in Here” — John Grey
Chimera” — David Kiphen
Dali’s Last Dream” — Hillary Bartholomew
The Mirrors” — Jeannine M. Pitas
Tombstone Softly Falling” — Grant Flint
North Dakota Blues” — Christian J. Weaver
Cast About” — Peter Layton
The Long Cry of Autumn” — Larsen Bowker
Communication” — Hillary Bartholomew
Between Your Two Weakest Fingers” — Simon Perchik
Maureen” — Mather Schneider
The Last Salt Kingdom” — Larsen Bowker
The Flagellant” — Rhodora V. Penaranda
These Apparent Prodigies” — Kate Polak
Dried Herbs” — Joanna M. Weston
A Moment” — Chris Crittenden
Nature Morte” — Leonard H. Roller
Keeping and Letting Go” — Brad Buchanan


Down Home: Earl’s Barbershop” — John L. Brazell
My Brother Cyril (1951-1981)” — Arthur C. Ford Sr.
Perceptions of New York” — John Joyce
Isola Film Festival” — Radmila Djurica
My Calderon Years (Part 2)” — Dean Borok
The Strange Peasant, Invisible Authors, and Spiritual Music” — Paris Flammonde


Never Again” — Rick Jankowski
Bro, I’m Gonna Get My Serenity on So Hard!” — Christopher Frugé
Reading Between the Lines” — Richard Paul Skinner
Thanksgiving” — James Bellarosa


Young Love” — Wayne Scheer
Before Sleep” — Stephen Kaplan
Instances of Falling” — Jennifer Yu
A rank of clouds” — Twixt
City Canyons” — Michael Wright
Haiku” — William Beyer


“In Vitro” by Leland Jamieson — Alyce Wilson

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Thin Season” — Bo Huffman
Window Way” — Jackie Jones
Distant Rays, Ancient Sun” and “Flying” — Tray Drumhann
Solitary Sunset” — Alexandra Parsons
Spirit Lily II” — Ron Meadow

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Alyce Wilson is the editor of Wild Violet and in her copious spare time writes humor, non-fiction, fiction and poetry and infrequently keeps an online journal. Her first chapbook, Picturebook of the Martyrs; her e-book/pamphlet, Stay Out of the Bin! An Editor's Tips on Getting Published in Lit Mags ; her book of essays and columns, The Art of Life; her humorous nonfiction ebook, Dedicated Idiocy: How Monty Python Fandom Changed My Life, and her newest poetry collection, Owning the Ghosts, can all be ordered from her Web site, In late 2019, she published a volume of poetry by her third great-grandfather, Reading's Physician Poet: Poems by Dr. James Meredith Mathews, which also contains genealogical information about the Mathews family. She lives with her husband and son in the Philadelphia area and takes far too many photos of her handsome, creative son, nicknamed Kung Fu Panda.