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Featured Works: Week of Feb. 22 (Late Winter)

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For those who might be unaware, the recent hiatus was mostly due to coping with my mother’s sudden death just before Thanksgiving. I hope to return to a more regular publishing schedule now, returning to doing the work I so love. This week, our contributors reflect the images and thoughts of late winter. “The Shield,” a poem by Llyn Clague, captures the reflection embodied by gray late winter...

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Featured Works: Week of Nov. 30 (Bright Peace)

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Lighthouse by Vivian Irene Starr This week’s issue is dedicated to my mother, Vivian Irene Starr, who died this month. She was a nature lover, was kind to animals, was a talented artist, and loved cooking and gardening. Her name meant “Bright peaceful star.” In “I Try to Forgive Your Absence, Facing the Snake in the Kitchen” by Laurie Klein, the speaker vacillates between compassion and practicality while...

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Featured Works: Week of Oct. 26 (Other Worlds)

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“Beginnings” by Lynda Bullock on Flickr For the week of Halloween, a time when minds turn to the imagination, our contributors take us to other worlds. “The Society” by Marla Johnson is a sequel to an earlier piece, also published by Wild Violet, about a young werewolf seeking vengeance. In “Robotomy” by Joe Andriano, two androids fall in love and kick off a robot revolution. “The Briar...

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Featured Works: Week of Sept. 21 (Inspiration)

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As writers, artists, musicians, photographers, we craft our works based on what inspires us. This week’s Wild Violet contributors let us inside the creative process. In “My Muse Sings Only Country” by Emory Jones, a “truck-stop troubador” takes a writing journey. Inspired by that country-singing muse, in his poem “Border Country,” Emory Jones tells a tale of Tennessee men and...

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Featured Works: Week of Sept. 14 (Personal History)

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  You ever hear the expression “the personal is political”? Well, oftentimes, so is our personal history, with our emotions interlocking with the way we view the past. Today’s contributors take us on a journey into yesteryear. “Imagine That,” a poem by Bruce McRae, contemplates different ways of viewing the past. “What You Can’t See,” a flash fiction piece by Louis M. Abbey, centers...

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Featured Works: Week of Sept. 7 (Nature Meets Art)

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  As long as humans have been singing, painting, chanting, writing and sculpting, we have been inspired by nature. This week’s contributors, all poets, share different ways that art and the natural world may intersect. “How to Spot a Knock-Off” by Megan Merchant imagines ways of turning nature into living works of art. “Beauty, Flawed” by James Von Hendy praises the aesthetics of imperfection. “Flight...

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