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Featured Works: Week of Feb. 12 (Struggles of Faith)

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When everything seems to be going wrong, how can you hold onto faith? This week’s contributors examine this issue, along with the concept of religion. In the long-awaited conclusion of “The Broken Cross” by John T. Hitchens, an adolescent boy questions his faith in the wake of neighborhood drama. The poem by Sean Lause, “The grackle as invisible priest,” uses a religious metaphor to make a nature...

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A Vegetarian Backslidden

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On the seventh day God rested, so Sunday dinner was up to Lucifer. While chewing enthusiastically and explaining to his angels that, for much of the beginning of human history, his most confusing creation would believe their planet was not only flat but the center of the universe (to hearty chuckles all around) God ate in contentment. But, towards the end of the meal, the creator abruptly began to brood. Seeing his lord staring off,...

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The grackle as invisible priest

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They possess nothing but two noises— one a skeleton clacking upstairs, the other the shriek of wounded stars. What heartless god curses this summer bird with such a hue and cry? They descend like black angels expelled from heaven, and land like an affront, croaking the rudeness of the blinding sun. Who clothed them in this inky cloak then cast them unsponsored through the air? Two clash over some discarded scraps, lock beaks tight...

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The Broken Cross

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This is the long-awaited conclusion to a piece first run by Wild Violet on September 24, 2010. While it was never our intention to wait so long to run the second installment of John Hitchner’s piece, sometimes real life intervenes. In this case, I had just brought home my newborn baby, and was in the midst of “baby boot camp.” By the time we resumed our production schedule, my baby-frazzled brain completely...

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(continued from an earlier issue; read part one) Comrades Outside the restaurant I said, “We must go quickly to find this man at the University.” We set off at nearly a trot, and after asking directions from a street vendor, we found our way to the steps of that library. As Gustavo had said, there stood a large man with a thick middle. His Yucatecan shirt was tucked in at the waist, making him appear even stouter. Eusebio Diaz...

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Featured Works: Week of Oct. 2 (Belief)

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This week our contributors take on belief, in its many manifestations. “If Rather Perpendicular” by John Zedolik contemplates the imagery of heaven. “No Greater Love” by Tom La Cascia shows how belief can be wrapped up with love and hope. “Izamal” by Wes Oldham is part one of a piece about the friction between ancient Mayan culture and...

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