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Featured Works: Week of Feb. 12 (Struggles of Faith)

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When everything seems to be going wrong, how can you hold onto faith? This week’s contributors examine this issue, along with the concept of religion. In the long-awaited conclusion of “The Broken Cross” by John T. Hitchens, an adolescent boy questions his faith in the wake of neighborhood drama. The poem by Sean Lause, “The grackle as invisible priest,” uses a religious metaphor to make a nature observation. In the humorous piece by Jason Howell, “A Vegetarian Backslidden,” God’s attempt at vegetarianism accounts for some biblical...

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Featured Works: Week of Oct. 2 (Belief)

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This week our contributors take on belief, in its many manifestations. “If Rather Perpendicular” by John Zedolik contemplates the imagery of heaven. “No Greater Love” by Tom La Cascia shows how belief can be wrapped up with love and hope. “Izamal” by Wes Oldham is part one of a piece about the friction between ancient Mayan culture and...

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Featured Works: Week of Sep. 25 (Modern Life)

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Throughout the ages, poets and writers have examined the times in which they lived. As this week’s contributors demonstrate, our modern lifestyle offers opportunities for both humor and reflection. “In Velvet” by Audrey El-Osta raises a sit-com scene to divine self-expression. “Princess and the 21st Century Space-Age Mattress” by Mat Labotka provides a humorous update of a classic tale. “Interior Monologue (Girl with Cell Phone)” by Frank De Canio turns to the sonnet form for a wry dissection of modern...

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Featured Works: Week of Sep. 11 (Rebirth)

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  Fifteen years ago, we were deep into our preparations for the first issue of Wild Violet, an online magazine blending high art (poetry, literary fiction) with pop culture (humor, reviews, interviews). Taking advice from a poetry professor who said it was our responsibility to make a place for poetry in the world, we wanted to make a place for the arts. Now, as Wild Violet comes back from hiatus — me having spent much of the past ten months dealing with my mom’s estate after her sudden death just before Thanksgiving — it’s a good time to...

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Featured Works: Week of Feb. 22 (Late Winter)

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For those who might be unaware, the recent hiatus was mostly due to coping with my mother’s sudden death just before Thanksgiving. I hope to return to a more regular publishing schedule now, returning to doing the work I so love. This week, our contributors reflect the images and thoughts of late winter. “The Shield,” a poem by Llyn Clague, captures the reflection embodied by gray late winter days. “Centred,” a poem by Canadian poet Joanna M. Weston, presents a quiet moment of peaceful contemplation. “Snow Trails,” a poem by Larsen Bowker, takes...

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