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Featured Works: Week of Oct 5 (Biography)

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Everyone has a story to tell, and through listening to them, we can learn a lot about other people’s dreams, emotions and experiences. This week’s contributors share pieces related to biography and autobiography. First, in her essay “Biography Year,” Margaret Montet takes an innovative look at what she learned from a year of reading biographies. William Miller’s poem, “Lowell’s Briefcase,” illuminates the last moments in the life of American poet Robert Lowell. “Talone’s Yard” by Amy Barone provides a vivid snapshot of childhood and...

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Featured Works: Week of Sep 28 (Survival)

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In tough times, the resilience of the human spirit helps us to rise against the most difficult circumstances, whether it be war, childhood trauma, crime or natural disaster. This week’s contributors show us the wide range of coping mechanisms that help us to survive.  In “Cohen’s Resurrection” by J.D. Chaney, set in post-World War II-era South America, an unlikely relationship forms along a path to redemption. “Black” by Don Stoll takes us on an adventure with a man who still struggles with childhood fears. “Cold” by Bob Blundell depicts the paralyzing...

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Featured Works: Week of June 29 (Remembering Lyn Lifshin)

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In late December, I learned the sad news of the passing away of Lin Lifshin, who had been extremely loyal to Wild Violet over the years, starting in 2005. The first time I received one of those fat envelopes in the mail, packed full of poems, I admit that I was a bit awed. I knew her name, having studied the Poet’s Market in order to send out my own work, and seeing her name mentioned by so many publishers that I wrote an (admittedly bad) poem about her, imagining that she must write the most amazing cover letters. The truth is, I rarely read cover letters until after I’ve read...

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Lyn Lifshin in Wild Violet

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Lyn Lifshin was one of the most frequently published poets in Wild Violet, starting in 2005. In case you missed some of her work, this index lists all of her poems that appeared in Wild Violet. Vol. IV Issue 3/4 (Waking World) – Spring/Summer 2005 Extreme Lavender It Was the Blue Distance   Vol. VII Issue 2 (World Voyage) – Summer 2008 Rhumba on the Subway On the Afternoon Before the Photographs   Vol. VII Issue 3 (Linked Lives) – Winter 2009 Somewhere, The The Ice Maiden Mummy’s 214th S.O.S.   In 2010, Wild Violet moved away from a quarterly...

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NAPOWRIMO 2020 Poetry Prompts Index

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Yesterday concluded the National Poetry Month writing challenge, where many poets strive to write 30 poems in 30 days. If you played along, I hope you tried some new types of writing and found inspiration in Wild Violet’s prompts. For convenience, all the prompts for April 2020 are listed below. Each prompt includes tips for both adults and children. In addition, if you are interested in viewing the poetry workshop I did earlier this month for the Emmaus Public Library, I’ve embedded the video. Happy May and keep writing!   Poetry writing workshop by Pennsylvania poet and...

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Featured Works: Week of March 30 (Contemplation)

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 Coming back from a lengthy hiatus, Wild Violet is resuming a weekly schedule, because in these days of quarantine and self-isolation, we need the arts more than ever. This week’s contributors write about quiet moments, about connections with nature and with each other.   “Kindness” by Carole Phillips shows how a solitary moment becomes an opportunity for solace from a stranger. “Where the Skin Breaks” by Raymond Philip Asaph ponders how the immutable beauty of a peach can become spiritual. “Overcast evening” by Ayaz Daryl Nielsen, a haiku, captures the feel...

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