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Featured Works: Week of Oct 30 (Fall Garden)

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Deep into Autumn here in the Northeastern part of the United States, our contributors cultivate a vision of the season. “Incoming Fall” by Joanna Weston provides a snapshot of a garden in early fall. “For Solitude’s Sake” by John Grey evokes that certain quality of autumn light that produces conflicting emotions. “Biophilia” by Michael Estabrook captures a moment of beauty in a backyard garden. “The Garden of God” by Michael H. Brownstein uses the garden as a metaphor for grief. “Cauldron” by Ayaz Daryl Nielsen reveals to us the calm magic of sunset. “Fall in...

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Featured Works: Week of Sep 4 (Beauty All Around)

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Through the eye of an artist, the eye of a poet, we can find beauty everywhere, as this week’s contributors demonstrate. “American Exceptional” by Llyn Clague serves as an ars poetica, finding inspiration all over America. “Cleveland Haiku #384” and “Cleveland Haiku #385” by Michael Ceraolo encapsulate moments in the city where he lives. “Always Assessing Size” by David Thornbrugh contemplates what animals notice about the world. “Blue Loneliness,” “Distinct” and “Exile” by Fabrice...

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Featured Works: Week of July 31 (Memory)

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This week our contributors take you on a journey through time, via memory. “Listenings” by Doug Bolling goes on a hike through moments in a relationship. “I Regret Grinder, but, No Remorse” by Michael Lee Johnson reflects on past sins from a dentist’s chair. “Streets of Fall River” by Al Rocheleau recalls eras of a New England town. “Emergency!” by Llyn Clague tells the story of a frequent visitor to an emergency room, remembered by emergency...

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Featured Works: Week of July 24 (Language)

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Language, the key of our communication, can be easily tangled. This week’s contributors illustrate the challenges posed by expressing thoughts through words. “Rhyme #1: ‘Its use is not a burden‘” by James B. Nicola starts with the smallest of hops and leaps larger. “Erase” by Tim Fagan deals with a break-up the way only a writer can. “Green Sonnets” by John Timothy Robinson dives into the uncertainty of striving to write in...

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Featured Works: Week of July 17 (Life Cycle)

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Life is a series of moments: all of them important. This week our contributors provide glimpses of moments along the path of life. “The First Minutes” by Josh Karaczewski provides a unique perspective on a crucial life moment. “The Red Panda” by Aaron Sokoloff follows a zoo animal on the search for love and adventure. “Off the Road to Hana” and “The Sky is Bursting with Rainlight” by Tim Staley shows how one person processes the loss of a family member. “Last Days of Uncle Arnold” by Ayaz Daryl Nielsen depicts moments at the end of a...

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Featured Works: Week of March 12 (Growing Up)

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This week, Wild Violet’s contributors focus on that fuzzy, confusing time between childhood and adulthood. In her poem “Last Witness to My Childhood,” Jacqueline Jules reflect on life with a disabled sister. John Woodington’s story, “The Weightlifters,” goes back to high school to show how it’s possible to belong and be outsiders at the same time. Eve Kenneally’s poem, “Zayn Leaves One Direction, Teen Girl Twitter Universe Mourns,” captures the repetitive chaos of modern teenage...

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