Featured Works: Week of Nov. 9 (Nature)

By on Nov 8, 2020 in Issue Archives

Orange leaf on pavement by Alyce Wilson

Orange leaf on pavement, photo by Alyce Wilson

Spending time in nature clears the mind, helps us cope with stress, and is healing for both the body and spirit. If you can’t get outside, though, the next best thing is to check out this week’s offerings, all related to nature.

Clouds” by Michael Brownstein evokes the luminescent colors often glimpsed in the sky. 

These cool green hills” Ayaz Daryl Nielsen subtly depicts morning moments of sunlight and mountains.

Whether or Not” by James B. Nicola takes a big-picture perspective on our relationship with nature.

Entropy 3” and “Entropy 4,” two works of art by Cynthia Yatchman, provide an abstract view of natural forces.



Alyce Wilson is the editor of Wild Violet and in her copious spare time writes humor, non-fiction, fiction and poetry and infrequently keeps an online journal. Her first chapbook, Picturebook of the Martyrs; her e-book/pamphlet, Stay Out of the Bin! An Editor's Tips on Getting Published in Lit Mags ; her book of essays and columns, The Art of Life; her humorous nonfiction ebook, Dedicated Idiocy: How Monty Python Fandom Changed My Life, and her newest poetry collection, Owning the Ghosts, can all be ordered from her Web site, AlyceWilson.com. In late 2019, she published a volume of poetry by her third great-grandfather, Reading's Physician Poet: Poems by Dr. James Meredith Mathews, which also contains genealogical information about the Mathews family. She lives with her husband and son in the Philadelphia area and takes far too many photos of her handsome, creative son, nicknamed Kung Fu Panda.