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Featured Works: Week of May 27 (Contemplating Nature)

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As the earth warms in the Northern Hemisphere and more greenery comes into view, we become more aware of the natural world that surrounds us. This week’s contributors share where nature takes them. “Isolation in a Passenger Car” by Keith Moul shares the view, descending from the Rockies on a train. “Emily as the Lavender Irises Burst” by Darren C. Demaree paints an artist’s view of twilight. “Mushroom” by David Sapp takes a close-up look at an unexpected natural discovery. “The Romantic” by David Sapp shares a personal reaction to nature and its intersection with...

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Featured Works: Week of May 20 (Spring)

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Spring has been a long time coming in the Northern Hemisphere, but it is finally here. Our contributors celebrate the changing of the seasons. “Riparian Life” by John Zedolik accompanies Canadian geese back south with the spring warmth. In “I Could Be Charlemagne,” David Sapp observes the power of natural forces. With “What Home Garden,” photographer Keith Moul provides a close-up view of a...

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Featured Works: Week of April 1 (Relationships)

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Relationships are among the most important experiences of life, and this week’s contributors look at a variety of kinds. “That Month My Mother Begged to Wait with Her in the Dark” by Lyn Lifshin reflects on a mother-daughter relationship and its changes. “Mama’s Boy” by Robert Pfeiffer shares a son’s perspective on his connection to his mother. “Lunch, 1968” by Stuart Michaelson looks at how friendship can be complicated by external forces, such as race and politics. “Chicken Noodle Soup Maiden” by Stuart Michaelson depicts a creative young boy’s...

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Featured Works: Week of March 18 (Early Spring)

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The last gasps of winter weather strike the Northern Hemisphere, as more and more, we see hints of growing warmth. This week’s contributors look at Spring. “Spring Came Early This Year” by Michael H. Brownstein proffers the first glimpses of spring. “Raw” by Jenica Lodde depicts twin distractions of spring and motherhood. “Dusk at Preston Montford” by Brian Cronwell gives us a snapshot of spring in Shropshire,...

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Featured Works: Week of March 3 (Aging)

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As Winter gradually ekes away and spring’s renewal approaches, it’s a good time to reflect on life cycles, and in particular, aging. “Recognized” by Michael Keshigian reflects on the nature of aging. Literally. In “Old Clyde and Mrs. Hill,” a short prose piece, David Sapp recalls elderly neighbors from childhood. “The Blurring of Edges” by David Sapp traces the changes in thinking from youth to maturity. “The Garden of Ramanatom” by Thomas Dorsett is a lyrical look at how nature’s life cycles mimic our...

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Featured Works: Week of Jan. 21 (Healing)

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At some point, we all experience pain. Life is about how we get through it. This week’s contributors examine that process. “Scars” by DS Maolalai contemplates the different ways that hurt affects us over a lifetime. “Migraine” by Brian Cromwall recalls his sister’s bouts of chronic headaches. “Getting Back on My Feet” by Tony Howarth demonstrates how hope can help us to...

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