Love Affair in the Color L

By on Sep 12, 2011 in Poetry

Love Affair in the Color L graphic

always Love Less,
            to avoid a heartbreak,
                        Love is one day Loss.


                        Liftoff Liberally,
            evading heartbreak is
no way to Live a Life.

Love Lashes us with
a Laborious Lease.
It Leans Like Lava,
Locked in Limbo, Leaving
Lonely Lands.

Like Light,
Leaving Leaves to fall Like
Lopsided Lullabies; it
Lives Livid or Lame,
Loyal or Liable,
Lush or Lurid,
Lethal when Lost;
it is the Luxury of
gamblers Living Large.


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After hitchhiking around Latin America, Luke Maguire Armstrong ended up in Antigua, Guatemala, where he directs the educational development organization Nuestros Ahijados. The organization helps 12,000 impoverished people "break the bitter chains of poverty through education and formation." He is the author of Poems for the Dolphins to Click Home About and a contributing editor for the online travel magazine His just-finished novel, How One Guitar Will Save the World, is currently looking for a home.