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Featured Works: Week of March 3 (Aging)

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As Winter gradually ekes away and spring’s renewal approaches, it’s a good time to reflect on life cycles, and in particular, aging. “Recognized” by Michael Keshigian reflects on the nature of aging. Literally. In “Old Clyde and Mrs. Hill,” a short prose piece, David Sapp recalls elderly neighbors from childhood. “The Blurring of Edges” by David Sapp traces the changes in thinking from youth to maturity. “The Garden of Ramanatom” by Thomas Dorsett is a lyrical look at how nature’s life cycles mimic our...

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Featured Works: Week of Jan. 21 (Healing)

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At some point, we all experience pain. Life is about how we get through it. This week’s contributors examine that process. “Scars” by DS Maolalai contemplates the different ways that hurt affects us over a lifetime. “Migraine” by Brian Cromwall recalls his sister’s bouts of chronic headaches. “Getting Back on My Feet” by Tony Howarth demonstrates how hope can help us to...

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Featured Works: Week of Jan. 14 (Finding a Voice)

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One of the best ways to learn and grow as a society is by listening to those whose voices are often overlooked. This week’s contributors do just that. “Eight Days in Prison” by Nicholas Chittick chronicles roughly a week of experiences in a medium-security Illinois prison. “Own” by Brooks Lindberg is a poem from the point of view of a young person dealing with family strife. “Dissolution” by Julie McNeely-Kirwan follows a man as he strives to get a lawyer to help him secure an unusual...

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Featured Works: Week of Jan. 7 (New Year)

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With the new year comes reflection. We look at the past, reflect on the present, and ponder the future. Such is the case here at Wild Violet, where we return to a regular publishing schedule after a lengthy hiatus. Join us in contemplation, celebration, and renewal with poems from longtime contributors to Wild Violet. “The Hammer and the Nail” by Larsen Bowker eulogizes a friend and fellow “word merchant.” “K5, (P10, K10) repeat to last 5sts, K5” by Anthony Botti contemplates a fractured family relationship, with hopes for reconciliation. “The Mad Girl Dreams of Houses...

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Featured Works: Week of Apr. 23 (April Pirates)

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April drags on in the Northeastern United States, as tax season bludgeons us as numb as the persistent cold, damp weather. With that in mind, this week’s contributors focus on twin themes of piracy and spring. “Gentlemen’s Piracy” by Lake McCullough delves into the depths of a modern-day scavenger’s thinking. “A Country for Old Men” by Aaron Sokoloff takes us on a journey through Florida real-estate ventures. “Vagrants” by David Filer depicts the slow, soggy, gray days of spring, punctuated by geese honking. “A Man Who Is Not April” by John Grey reflects...

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Featured Works: Week of Feb. 25 (February)

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As this month draws to a close, we present three poems, all set in February. “Lavender” by Michael H. Brownstein views Valentine’s Day from the perspective of Cupid. “February Day, Boston” by Anthony Botti provides a snapshot of a container garden in winter. “Feburary Day, Boston (II)” by Anthony Botti springboards from a winter garden to fond memories of a...

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