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On The Island of No Internet, We Went to Listen to Poetry

By on Feb 21, 2021 in Poetry | Comments Off

Poems sprinkle out from the spice canister High yellow vowels, sand scarred s’s, Antigua blue cocktail beaches, Montserrat Black rivers of ash, small consonants And heavy wet k’s with clicks and slides. The sounds gather round the bonfires And the dancers, the drummers, the singers, The storytellers and women of poetry. Trade winds lift the soft vowels And thick consonants high into the air. Words form into imagery and breath, Into word tones, natural rhythms, themes Of courage and love, joy and hope, Greatness and happiness, and somewhere A rope breaks and the poem sets us...

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By on Nov 8, 2020 in Poetry | Comments Off

The Official Cloud Creator of the Tattoo Garden of Capella traces ink across the vapors in his fire and brimstone cavern, colors the clouds greens and shades of blue, adds a touch of ruby red and lipstick, forms ripe sunset papayas, Mexican yellow, Waimanalo orange, and fleshy Kapoho, gathers the mangos, peaches and pears, dips them deep into his molten liquids, lets them simmer and flame, then opens each lid one after the other, inks the clouds with color and lets them float into the sky. Why must a cloud be a shade of gray? he yells, his arms exuberant, White? Cotton made? Why must the sky...

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Spring Came Early This Year

By on Mar 17, 2019 in Poetry | 2 comments

Spring came early this year, the robins arrived in February and the great mulberry tree began to develop its harvest before spring thought itself able. We wondered why so many nests and so many birds found themselves in the branches, but it did not matter— there were enough for all of us even after the week long rain, the cold spit, the great frost, mulberries everywhere, enough food for a season a season too...

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By on Feb 25, 2018 in Poetry | Comments Off

A gentleness in the lavender of touch, Soft against another, sheets Organically cool blue with a touch of cloud. One day Cupid wakes to find his arrows stolen Enters earth on footed wings. Angry and puzzled, he finds them In a park near a grove scattered and dull, One shaft broken. In the trees he hears joy, Good wine, beauty, a whisper of lips. How trite. One lover fingering the palm of another, A message so secret everyone knows its depth. Touch comes in color, it’s that easy. Cupid leaves with everything he has lost Bits of his anger clinging to the grass Flowering into large bosoms of...

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The Garden of God

By on Oct 29, 2017 in Poetry | Comments Off

The last thing left is this slab of stone dead Cold, numbered and lettered rising From the earth’s brown green grass, Dead flowers in bright bouquets with plastic Stems and petals pink, orange, Torn, faded, wind, rain, saboteurs. Every now and then someone comes And comforts the stone, lays a hand across it, Traces numbers and letters with a finger. Someone cuts away the weeds, finds new Pieces of plastic, cleans up the debris. Here the House of Job. The House of Sisyphus. The Mansion of Worry and Sometimes...

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