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Featured Works: Week of Sept. 29 (Early Fall)

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In the Northern Hemisphere, as the first days of fall seamlessly blend warm summery sun with bright leaves, we present two poems using nature to talk about transitions. Joanna M. Weston’s poem, “These Sons,” gives a wistful farewell to summer. Lyn Lifshin’s poem, “Drifting,” uses milkweed to symbolize both change and...

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as if they once had teeth, your hands

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As if they once had teeth, your hands nibble on apples half mud, half worms –you eat only what falls to the ground rotted, serene, made dark by the welcoming slope into evening –you pick the way every stone points where to rest, has this urge to be useful, calms your arms still attached to the same mouth and milky breath, holding on –you share these twins with the sun stretching out on your forehead shining in its darkness from the start and in you arms the word for offering, for stillness,...

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Wild Violet Featured Works: Week of Nov. 18 (Fighting The Man)

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It’s easy to become frustrated with bureaucracy and institutions in their many forms. This week, Wild Violet’s contributors take a humorous, perceptive look at some of those frustrations. In Nancy S.M. Waldman’s short story, “Dirty Money,” a bank teller learns about an old lady’s deep, dark (and possibly illegal) financial secret. In Saul Greenblatt’s humor piece, “My Duffel Bag Tried to Kill Me,” a soldier in the process of being discharged battles military bureaucracy. In John Pyle’s essay, “Kafka and Cable,” he relays...

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Wild Violet Featured Works: Week of Nov. 11 (Life’s Journey)

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As the weather grows colder and the holiday season nears, it’s a perfect time to reflect on life’s journey with this week’s contributors: Deborah H. Doolittle’s poem, “Pick a Path with Heart,” uses a fortune cookie as a springboard for contemplation.  Matthew LaFreniere’s poem, “Dinner at Grandma’s,” provides a glimpse at a woman’s life through the objects she passes on to her grandson.  John Grey’s poem, “Dialogue with Myself,” looks back at the moment of his birth to make sense of his place in his...

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Wild Violet Featured Works: Week of Nov. 4 (Health)

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As health care continues to dominate the national discussion in the United States, our contributors tell stories that all, in some way, relate to health. In Jonathan Persinger’s short story, “Vanishing Twin Syndrome,” a college art student wrestles with family guilt at a party.  In Wes Oldham’s “An Hour in Special Ed,” an IT support person gets an inside view of a special needs classroom.  In a short story by Shani Thomas, “Christ’s Salvation,” a doctor helping during an ebola outbreak reaches out to a boy orphaned by the...

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