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I Regret Grinder, but, No Remorse

By on Jul 30, 2017 in Poetry | 1 comment

I have no regret, no grinder of remorse, nor memory of the dental chair. I have no feeler of sins lost in sand dust with golden teeth, diamond over lay of lies. Do not dance, play checkers, between the lines of memory-black/white. I am a sinner wild with elbow muscle, flex right to left. Dental floss is my Jesus, purple robe, violent-victim. The cheeks of God whisper fools of toy tot decay, hanger on a cross-victim. I was an outcast of hell with flames hanging from my behind. What age of flowers is a whisper into the colors, fool enamel solid white. I wild elbows flex from right to left,...

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Painted Cat

By on Oct 7, 2013 in Poetry | Comments Off

  (an ekphrastic poem) The painted cat on my balcony hangs in the sun, bleaches out its wooden survival kit, cut short- then rots chips paint, cracks widen in joints, no infant sparrow wings nestled in the hole beneath its neck- then falls down. No longer a swinger in latter days, August wind.

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Old Man

By on May 12, 2013 in Poetry | Comments Off

Old man in a near empty house bridge port to the sea— (mortgage foreclosure assured) late in his payments to life, sits in a lavender lawn chair meant for picnics or poor people— pillows stuffed under his bum like layers of sponge cake. He sits at a handmade wooden desk he forged with his own hands finished in lacquer with the edges of his fingers tips. He types prismatic words forced together like a jagged Japanese poem or something resembling a Haiku forgery— while 2 Persian cats, Tambala and Shebelle, meow constantly with passion with pain, with hunger— bowls empty, food dried,...

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Sundown, Fall

By on Dec 10, 2012 in Poetry | Comments Off

Fall, everything is turning yellow and golden. No wind, Indian summer, bright day, wind charms with Indian enchantment, last brides before winter snow, grass growth slows down, bushes cut back with chills, haven of the winter, grows legs, learns baby steps, pushes itself up slowly against my patio door, and says, “soon, soon, I’ll be there.” Winter is sweeping up what’s left of fall; making room for shorter days, longer nights. Echoes of a new season. Hear the poet reading his poem on YouTube. An embedded version is...

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Cut Grass in Snow

By on Apr 13, 2010 in Poetry | Comments Off

All day long night is my storm lantern. I carry it into the farm land cutting into my harvested emotions covered by snow edging them in half in front of me see me open and bleeding. I’m seeded like a small orange pit me out and devour me spit the pulp and seed I step on the jagged edges of my feelings and sense my pain cut stretched skin with glass shavings torture under toes hurt badly with pain. Pitch the stuff with damn black top if it makes you feel relieved. Don’t laugh at me like a circus clown. I’m 61 and my dimples show smiles and crinkles. This day...

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