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By on Sep 12, 2011 in Poetry | 1 comment

We don’t have to hate all people at all times. Maureen is a funny woman. She takes my taxi just to have an audience. She tends to talk on and on. She has no friends, just a cat who drools. She has no physical coordination at all and is the butt of everybody’s jokes even her own. It has been that way since she was a child. Now she’s a 41-year-old nurse who can make fun of herself, which is something even most saints can’t do.   Passion...

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My Brave Mexican Girl

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She walks across a desert on fire head held high in the flames like homicidal poppies advancing over the mesa, over the milkweed and the cacti boiling sap. Smoke cancers the sky like a hell-cloud inhaling: smell the burning hair of the cholla                          and the down of the owl’s clover, see that death is indigenous, feel the heat   of the melting anemone, the snapdragon’s hope, the broomrape’s pride and the wind whipping in the scorpion weed… The desert burns...

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