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Bearing Loss

By on Oct 11, 2020 in Poetry | Comments Off

What kindling love is this that sanctifies the earth with memories proliferating like the grave turning of a second birth? What enterprising arms disseminate their charms like seeds on fallow fields to function as a lavish yield for autumn’s harvest? Suspended on such tensile roots, they bring forth fruits which thrive on sappy juices of their germinating tree – if just to nurture offshoots for posterity. But what use cultivating heartbreak’s fertile soil, that promises abundance from such husbandry? Tears scarcely save the desiccated oak, nor does grief breathe life into a...

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Interior Monologue (Girl with Smart Phone)

By on Sep 25, 2016 in Humor, Poetry | Comments Off

Though it’s no mace, but cell phone in my hand, I’d like to favor you. But I’ve a slew of messages whose import countermand desires of my awestruck retinue who pass me with petitions on the street. Because of this, I claim the royal right to read my e-mail following a tweet to devotees while you keep me in sight. Indeed, not only are my hands not free, but texting makes it difficult to turn, acknowledging those holding doors for me. Thus, I can’t give the gratitude you yearn for who suppose a royal highness grants indulgence to her abject...

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A Neighbor’s Death

By on Apr 13, 2010 in Poetry | Comments Off

They fall like toy sentinels, one by one, before the entrance to the battered door that traps in heat and keeps away the hoar frost of impending grief. Youth’s taped rerun of first bliss is worn. Spring’s warm, schoolmarm sun now sports the wan demeanor of a store clerk. Life grants me just enough light to pore over receipts before the workday’s done and the store closes. Former bustling streets are empty and their neon signs torn down along with delis selling ice and sweets. Grown kids have moved their own kids out of town. I’m at the crossroads where the graveyard...

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