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She has a dandelion seed in her hair. He has a stem in his hand, turns to me and says,                                    “This is like a microphone,”                                    and starts singing                                    and then he flings it away—              ...

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The lichens come up easily in my teeth, and the bits of stone stuck to them don’t bother me. My face is a curtain of rain, it sinks into the ground where I see insect nymphs starting to crawl, and I am to them a warm fragrance, milk in the soil. When I rise in the air, songbirds fly through me, sharp wings against naked flight. I borrow leaves from the trees to wear, but they lick me clear; I drop as dew, again biting the lichens, bitter green...

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In my bed, I am wrapped in stones I hear a train blowing its whistle  the middle of the night I roll toward the train                                    and it listens to me                       the rails don’t list                                    are straight as anything the back of my head is toward the night-window        ...

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