"It is the responsibility of the writer/artist to make a place for the arts."

Wild Violet is a place for the arts.

Our Goal

The goal of Wild Violet, an online literary magazine, is to bridge the gap between academia and pop culture, bringing the arts to the mainstream, to make a place for the arts.

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More than ever, it is important that you email before sending books or CDs for review. It is harder than normal to access the mailbox where we receive mail, and if you email to seek permission, you will receive special instructions for where and how to send any packages.

Mailed submissions are still accepted, but emailed submissions are preferable during this time of social distancing.

Submissions and correspondence can be sent to:

Wild Violet

P.O. Box 39706

Philadelphia, PA 19106-9706

E-mail: wildvioletmagazine@yahoo.com

Inquire via e-mail before sending books or CDs for review.


Meaning of Wild Violet

According to herbalism, the wild violet symbolizes the essence of optimism and exploring new options. To find a balance between caution and courageous decision making. To be able to trust new opportunities despite unknown outcomes, so as not to stop oneself from experiencing Life.