Emmanuel Agrapidis

Emmanuel Agrapidis loves the earth and the sun and the animals and stands up for the stupid and the crazy. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, he received his B.A. in Literature & Writing from Columbia University and has published poetry widely. However, he is that kind of poet who must work during the day, which involves too much paperwork and long soporific afternoons at the office inexchange for a regular paycheck, a bit too small, but reassuring. Look for his book of poetry: Devour the Earth & Other Accidents of Our Existence, in 2008... it will peel your soul and toast it like an almond!
Poetry: Sappho's Song

James Bellarosa

James Bellarosa has published three books of fiction, a novel and two short story collections. Altogether he has 200 publishing credits, 160 of which are short stories. He's a semi-retired accountant living with his wife of 41 years, Jeannine.
Humor: Telebabble

Jenn Blair
Jenn Blair is a PhD candidate and teaching assistant at the University of Georgia in Athens, where she currently resides. Her interests include Romantic and Arab American Literature. She has been published in Stirring, Copper Nickel, The Fairfield Review, Penwood Review, Panamowa, MELUS,The Sow's Ear Review, SNR Review, Hamilton Review, Stone Table Review, and has work forthcoming in the Tusculum Review. She is from Yakima, Washington.
Poetry: Oranges

Loraine Campbell
Loraine Campbell is a survivor of the Summer of Love in San Francisco in the late Sixties. Her poems and short stories have appeared in Grit, The Sun, Chrysalis Reader, Aim, Mother Earth, Art Times, Thorny Locust, Chiron Review, Her Mark, Tacenda and a few other places. She lives in Seattle, where she is bossed around by her gray tabby cat named Arthur.
Poetry: Daffodils

Don Crawford
Don Crawford received his Masters Degree from the University of California, at Berkeley, during the heyday of the sixties. Through the years he has published in Pamphlet Publications of Ohio; The Cat's Meow; The American Theosophist and several articles in local newspapers and fiction stories in local college journals. His first two novels are under review by publishers. He has completed another novel which he is now editing for possible publication. Currently, he is working on his fourth novel, as yet untitled. He continues writing short stories.
Fiction: The Tempted Guru

Chris Crittenden
Chris Crittenden worked on a suicide hotline for thirteen years, then got a Ph.D. in philosphy and now has turned to poetry. Some of his recent acceptances are from Epicenter, Poesia and Ward 6 Review. He lives in the easternmost town in the United States, a rural fishing village in Maine.
Poetry: Apple

Raghbir Dhillon
Born in Punjab India, Raghbir Dhillon's father was an English professor and famous writer. He excelled academically, graduating first in his class in college with a B.A. and topping the university when he earned a BSCE in 1947. For 11 years he was a railroad engineer in India before immigrating to America, where he earned his MSCE from Purdue University. He served with several consulting firms in America, retiring in 1987 as chief engineer with Campbell & Associates. Together with his wife, he has written 90 stories and had a few of them published in Indian papers and American magazines. They have also completed four novels.
Fiction: Her Sadistic Karma

Rada Djurica
Radmila Djurica is a Serbian freelance journalist who has done correspondence work for the Tiker Press Agency and has had articles published in British Sunday and daily newspapers, including the Scottish newspaper, Sunday Post; in Woman Abroad magazine; and at She has served as assistant editor, reading manuscripts for the Reading Writers Service; has published articles with the SCN Television Network in California; is a freelance columnist for the British monthly magazine Code Uncut; and wrote about Serbia's International Bitef Festival of contemporary theatre for Zowie Wowie Magazine, an American e-zine.
On the Beautiful Blue Danube, The Living and the Dead, Shadows, Ulzhan, 12, The Bucket List, Atonement, I am from Titov Veles
Essays: Belgrade International Film Festival

Peggy Duffy
Peggy Duffy's short stories and essays have appeared in numerous publications, including Newsweek, Notre Dame Magazine, Trillium Literary Review, Smokelong Quarterly, Octavo, Three Candles, So To Speak, Apple Valley Review, Literary Mama, Brevity and Main Street Rag, as well as previous issues of Wild Violet. Her fiction has been recognized by the Virginia Commission for the Arts as a finalist in the Individual Artist Fellowship program for literary artists, and several of her short stories have been selected by storySouth for the Million Writers Award, Notable Online Short Stories. She has an MFA from George Mason University & maintains a website at
Cutting: Eurydice's Song

Timothy A. Faller
Timothy A. Faller's short stories have appeared in Foliate Oak, Dreams & Visions, and Crusader Magazine. He lives in Pickering, Ontario, with his wife, Sophie, and his two sons, Adam and Kyle. Timothy has worked as an independent, home-based graphic designer and editor for more than fifteen years, and is now writing his first novel.
Fiction: The Red Trunks

Alice Folkart
Between playing her ukulele and ocean swimming, Alice Folkart writes short fiction and poetry in Hawaii. Her work has appeared in a number of online literary journals including Long Story Short, Ken*Again, Nights and Weekends, and Getting REaD. She co-directs the House of 30 poetry forum on Blueline, a place for poets to write a poem a day and give and receive encouraging comment, and she is a long-time participant in the Internet Writing Workshop ( She is currently working on revisions of her first novel.
Cutting: So Near, So Far

Ricky Garni
Ricky Garni is a graphic designer living in North Carolina. He has been published in over a hundred print and online journals, a number of anthologies, and received three nominations for the Pushcart Prize. That's the good news. The bad news is that he has never won a Pushcart (kind of an "always a bridemaid" thing) and has yet to submit a full-length manuscript for publication (kind of a "lazy" thing, combined with postalphobia, which isn't truly a condition, but then again, it feels like it is sometimes.) Presently, he is completing work on a trilogy collection, the thread of which is no more than the word "Wavy" in each of the titles, and has the finished works available as PDF files through his site on the Web as well as short sketches called My Fifteen Favorite Presidents, complete now, save for the Millard Fillmore bit.
Poetry: Newspaper

Sheri Fresonke Harper
Sheri Fresonke Harper's lives and loves in Renton, Washington. She is an aspiring science fiction novelist, with short stories in Aoife's Kiss, Tabloid Purposes IV, and Dragons, Knights and Angels. Her poems have been published in a variety of ezines including Shine and Kaleidotrope. She has two chapbooks published, the latest, Decalmaker, was published by Pudding House Press. More information about her writing is available at
Poetry: Heart Beat Haven

Suzanne Richardson Harvey

Suzanne Richardson Harvey's poetry has appeared in The Christian Science Monitor, Concho River Review, Mannequin Envy, SpeedPoets (Australia), Ascent Aspirations Magazine (Canada), and Nth Position (UK), among other places. For almost two decades Suzanne lectured in the English Department at Stanford University in California. She is now retired. In addition, for a semester she was a visiting lecturer in the English Department at the University of California at Berkeley, and for almost a decade she was an instructor in the publishing program at the University of California at Berkeley Extension. Before that, Suzanne was an instructor at Tufts University in the Boston area, where she received her doctorate in Elizabethan poetry, specifically that of Edmund Spenser. Recently, in her retirement she was active in teaching at Emeritus College (continuing education for older adults) in the San Francisco Bay Area for almost a decade. Suzanne is a member of the Academy of American Poets.
Poetry: Self-Portrait

Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson is a professor of justice, law and society at American University. He is the author of two original collections of poems, Poetic Justice: Reflections on the Big House, the Death House, and the American Way of Justice, winner of the L.I.F.E. Award from WilloTrees Press; and Burnt Offerings: Poems on Crime and Punishment. His poems and stories have appeared in Admit2, The American Review, Black Bear Review, The National Catholic Reporter, Carnelian, CMC (Crime Media Culture), Dan River Anthology, Lifelines, Pleasant Living Magazine, Tacenda Literary Magazine and Wild Violet. His short story, "The Practice of Killing," won the Wild Violet Fiction Contest for 2003. Other works of fiction include Justice Follies: Parody from Planet Prison and The Crying Wall, which he edited. His best known work of social science — Death Work: A Study of the Modern Execution Process — won the Outstanding Book Award of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences.
Cutting: Married Under a Blue Moon

Hari Bhajan Khalsa
Hari Bhajan Khalsa graduated from Vermont College with a B.A. in creative writing in 2005 (after a 30-year hiatus from school). Her time is split between the sprawling city of Los Angeles and the little mountain town of Sisters, Oregon. She writes regularly on her blog, Poetry Evolution, and sends out a monthly e-letter to over 250 friends and fellow poets, where she explores the journey of being a poet. She is also a Life Coach and workshop facilitator. Her work has been published, or is forthcoming, in Poesy, Poetic Diversity, The Lilliput Review, HazMat Review, Fulcrum, Tiger’s Eye and Phantasmagoria.
Poetry: Belly

Gordon Ross Lanser
Gordon Ross Lanser is a holder of a B.A. in philosophy from the University of California at Santa Cruz. His writing has appeared in several webzines and magazines during the past few years, in genres ranging from magical realism to science fiction blends. He lives in the Magnolia district of Seattle with his wife and four children, and works in the greater-Seattle metropolitan area as a software consultant.
Fiction: The Forgotten Man

Peter Layton
Poetry: Go On Bleeding

Vince Lowry
Vince Lowry graduated from Tulane University in New Orleans and currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and son. He has published a dozen short stories/poems in a wide array of magazines, and plans to release his first novel in the fall of 2008 (The Zodiac Chronicles: The Lost Civilization of Aries).
Humor: The Class of 1995

David McGrath
David McGrath writes commentary for the Birmingham News and the Chicago Tribune and teaches English at the University of South Alabama. His essays and stories have appeared in Artful Dodge, Fourth Genre, Open Spaces, Chicago Reader, and the L.A. Times, among others. He is author of the novel Siege at Ojibwa and author/editor of The Thing About Hope Is…, an anthology of literature. He recently completed The Vocation, his second novel, from which "Catharsis" has been adapted. He lives with his wife Marianne in Dauphin Island, Alabama.
Fiction: Catharsis

Marta Palos
Against her inclinations, Marta Palos almost became a lawyer in her native Hungary when history and circumstance stepped in. Tossed about in the world awhile, she landed in America and turned her attention to literature, her old love. Her life revolves around words — she writes, reads, translates and edits them. She also helps copy-edit Wild Violet.

Dan Reynolds

Dan once tied his only apartment key to his fishing line for extra flash and weight to catch a rainbow trout he knew was hiding in a deep, deep blue far away hole on the American River. He has worked as an assistant horse trainer, assistant film editor, a carpenter, a jazz club manager and for the past ten years as a newspaper and magazine reporter and editor. His poetry has appeared in the Taproot Literary Review, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Point of Light and the Loyalhanna Review and is forthcoming in the Edison Literary Review. His screenplay topics include Roberto Clemente, the baseball player and Frederic Church, the landscape painter. He has lived in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington, D.C., the Sierras, Pittsburgh and Fontvieille, France, and now lives in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia.
Poetry: The Gift

Mike Ryan

Wild Violet profreader Mike Ryan has a distressingly common name. He's not the lawyer or pharmaceutical salesman or the pool club owner. He's the information services manager. The one that loves anime and science fiction. No, not the one from New York, the one from Pennsylvania. Yeah, that one.

G. David Schwartz
G. David Schwartz is the former president of Seedhouse, the online interfaith committee. Schwartz is the author of A Jewish Appraisal of Dialogue. Currently a volunteer at Drake Hospital in Cincinnati, Schwartz continues to write. His new book, Midrash and Working Out Of The Book is now in stores or can be ordered.
Humor: Blatant Revisionism
Essay: Walt Whitman Meets the Merchant of Venice

Anna Sykora
Anna Sykora graduated first in her class from Vassar, earned law degrees from Harvard and NYU, and practiced tax law at major firms in New York City before moving to Germany with her husband, a pediatric oncologist. In Hanover she has taught English and published almost sixty poems and stories, and completed three novels (motto: "Better a life than a living"). Her most recent work will be found in the Iconoclast, the Barbaric Yawp, the Green Rock Review, Star Line, Tales from the Talisman and Aphelion, and in the anthologies Tales from the Clinic and Warrior Wisewoman.
Poetry: If Looks Could Swallow up the World, While Autumn Makes the Sum of Us

Matthew David Wachsman
Matthew David Wachsman is a New York poet, author and songwriter. Most recently he penned over 800 haiku, a collection entitled, Rain. He is author of an unpublished novel, In Between, and the cinematographer of feature films and documentaries shot around the United States, Europe and the Middle East.
Cutting: Time is Changing

Joanna Weston
Joanna M. Weston is married with three sons and two cats. She lives on Vancouver Island and is a full-time writer of poetry, short stories, and poetry reviews. She has been published internationally in journals and anthologies and published The Willow Tree Girl online and in print in 2003.
Poetry: The Urgent Gardener

Phoebe Wilcox
Phoebe Wilcox lives in Pennsylvania and is employed as a social worker. She has published the first chapter of her book, Angels Carry the Sun, in the online literary magazine, Wild River Review and has been the recipient of a James Michener Scholarship award. Having evolved over time into a multitasker, she is currently completing her first book, starting a second book, writing a short story, and laying plans to snare an agent within the year.
Cutting: Meeting in the Woods

Alyce Wilson
Alyce Wilson is Wild Violet editor and in her copious spare time writes humor and poetry, keeps an online journal, Musings, and is researching a book on creative wedding planning, My Wedding, My Way: Real Women, Real Weddings, Real Budgets. She has self-published a book of poems, Picturebook of the Martyrs, and an e-book, Stay Out of the Bin! An Editor's Tips on Getting Published in Lit Mags, both of which can be ordered from her web site.
Essay: Philadelphia Film Festival
Reviews: The Toe Tactic,In a Dream, Eleven Minutes,The Pixar Story,Phoebe in Wonderland, Vexille, What We Do Is Secret, The Forbidden Kingdom, I Promise You by Willard F. Harley Jr., Down to a Sunless Sea by Mathias B. Freese, Looking for an Eye by Peter Krok, Beer and Confessions by John O'Toole, From the Bookshelf (capsule reviews)
Probe: Charles Stross

Changming Yuan
Changming Yuan grew up in rural China and published three books before moving to Canada. Currently Yuan works as a college English tutor in Vancouver and has had over 150 poems appearing or forthcoming in Descant (Canada), Kritya (India), London Magazine (United Kingdom), Offcourse, Porcupine, Private (Italy), Sentence, Snorkel (Australia), Wild Violet and many others.
Cat's Cradle