Submission Guidelines

The goal of Wild Violet, an online quarterly literary magazine, is to challenge and uplift the reader, and to provide a creative outlet for writers and artists. It's time to "democratize" the arts and make them more accessible to the mainstream; the Internet is an ideal way to do so.

We are not a commercial enterprise, so payment is in the form of a bio on the contributors page and a link to your site (if you have one). All materials must be
your own, original work. Copyrights will remain with you. Simultaneous submissions are NOT accepted. Previously published material will only be accepted with permission of the original publisher and must contain full information on when/where it appeared so proper acknowledgements can be given. Keep in mind that we only do this in very special cases, so it's best to send us unpublished work.

Wild Violet is accepting submissions in:
* Poetry, lyrics.
* Fiction.
* Creative non-fiction, gonzo journalism, critical looks at pop or high culture.
* Political essays, treatises, or manifestos.
* Humorous essays, skits, poems, parodies, mock quizzes, mock reviews, mock turtlenecks, imitations of the King of Siam, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
* Artwork, cartoons, sketches.
* Photography, digital artwork, manipulated photography, photo collages, graphic design.
* Reviews (books, movies, DVDs, poetry, performances, concerts, albums). Must be reasonably timely. Queries are required for reviews, so we can avoid unplanned duplications. Unusual or creative approaches to reviews will be considered. Reviews, once approved, must include relevant information (publisher, year and ISBN number for books; date, venue and city for performances; record company and year for albums).
* Interviews of figures related to the arts. These may be well-known (i.e. James Morrow), or lesser known. Queries are required.
* Cuttings consists of shorter pieces -- thoughts and observations that might not have rooted themselves into a full piece but are nevertheless beautiful in their present state. View the Cuttings section to get a feel for those materials.

We respond to all submissions; because of the volume of submissions, it may be several months before you receive a decision. Comments on submissions will be given if requested.

All submissions should be sent either e-mail via:

Or by mail to:

Wild Violet
P.O. Box 39706
Philadelphia, PA 19106-9706

Please include a biographical paragraph.

There is no length limit for fiction, but we may ask to serialize longer stories (more than 11,000 words). Essays should be 3,000 words or less. There is no line limit for poetry.

While we will consider a range of styles and subject material, we are not interested in violence that serves no purpose, works written for shock value alone, or anything overly flowery, plagiarized, or racist. Read through the issues on the site to get a better idea of what we accept.

Text-based submissions (essays, poems, fiction, etc.) should be either included in the body of the e-mail or sent as a separate text file (either as a .txt file or as a Microsoft Word file). Those sending a .txt file can indicate italics using the following method:
'Well, I am a bit {begin ital.} frantic {end ital.} following my emergency appendix surgery.'

Artwork or photography should be e-mailed as an attachment. All standard image extensions are acceptable (.GIF, .JPG, .TIFF). Resolution need be no higher than 72 dpi, but you can send a higher resolution image and we will adjust it before publication. If the file is too large to send, try reducing the dimensions of the image. We also accept Winzip or Netzip files.

Wild Violet is published four times a year. The deadline for each issue is one month before the issue publication date, as follows:

Jan. 31 for the Spring issue;
March 31 for the Summer issue;
June 30 for the Fall issue;
Sept. 30 for the Winter issue.

Any questions, contact

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