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NaPoWriMo Prompt 3

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For day three of NaPoWriMo, continuing with the alphabet, our “B” prompt is “Blues.” Write a poem in the blues form, based of course, on the musical genre. For tips on using this form, check out “How to Write a Blues Poem” by Stacie Naczelnik or “Poetic Form: Blues Poem” by the Academy of Poets. That page also links to some examples of blues poems, which you can read for inspiration. Or, as the Blues Brothers say, I suggest you buy as many blues albums as you can. Feel free to share your poem (or a link to your poem) in the...

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NaPoWriMo Prompt: Day 2

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To add something more entertaining to the 30-day poetry challenge, we will be delivering challenges based on the alphabet (along with four additional challenges, one of which was yesterday’s “Introduction” prompt). For “A,” the prompt is “Ars Poetica.” Ever since Horace wrote his “Ars Poetica,” about the art of poetry, poets have been writing their own such poems, sharing their philosophy of writing poetry. If you like, imitate Horace’s form and write it as an epistle in hexameter. Or write it in any form that best suits what you...

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NaPoWriMo Prompt: Day 1

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April is National Poetry Month, and many poets are challenging themselves to write a poem a day. Wild Violet will once again be suggesting daily prompts for poets to follow. You can find additional prompts at the official NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) site. Our first prompt is an Introduction poem: Write a poem that introduces the reader to you, your neighborhood, a family member, or a concept, et cetera. Free free to share your poem (or a link to your poem) in the comments below. Keep in mind that poems appearing in the comments are not considered published in Wild...

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Featured Works: Week of March 23 (Spring Thaw)

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For many across the United States, winter has been relentless, but now we finally see hope for warmer days ahead. Our contributors this week take us through the seasonal change. Kevin Kiely’s poem, “Abstract Hangover with Glass of Water,” is a blurry landscape of a wintry morning, viewed from inside. Leslie Philibert’s poem, “Lost Time,” is a meditation on Spring and life’s journey. The short poem by TWIXT, “Nylon Rain,” captures the effects of lights during a rain...

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Nylon Rain

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The rain comes down on nylon lines as nylon rain, each fiber-optic strand a light shine- shrine, and a vibrating way.

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Abstract Hangover with Glass of Water

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window streaked in winter’s glow four panes of glass, cruciform spine morning sunlight floods the room through closed eyelids a screen shows sky-canvases that Mark Rothko never got around to painting menacing red with swirling black streaks and below: a dull rectangular green shape next: a yellow landscape with bright green sunlight a merge of colours. A pink sea has a plughole vortex of grey: spyhole into some other zone, show the faces of the dead let every second be the last, and first. The radio music is fading. This might be the way to pass over and return, so often that it will be...

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