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A Taste for Speed

By on Feb 18, 2013 in Poetry | Comments Off

                                                                                 Hitching: 1968       Easing their spines on post-marked ends of property, the road-worn          sag, sink, recall or forget some other lives     in meaner contexts,       a bag or bedroll dropped, just far enough a...

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The Sanity (1967-1997)

By on Apr 13, 2010 in Poetry | Comments Off

Remembering Nam, the vets, the regulars who did not come back.      Hadn’t the flutes     fragrances     the seasons drawn in pencilled lines and Telemann     / the fathers                  in smoky yards     / the villages dressed like Halloween been scares enough to him     / the sky-high flames      arranged in drumspeak and guitars     / ...

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