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Particles of Me

By on May 31, 2015 in Featured, Poetry | Comments Off

Blake discovered the world in a grain of sand, and I am now among those grains, tossed from a blossoming, pale sweaty, soft palm into the darkening surf; my last wishes. I am dissolved within the seaweed and misty, salty air, deep within a child’s sand castle slowly eroded by the high tide; particles of me mixed with coconut oil rubbed into the brown skin of a Brazilian beauty, more of me still at the bottom of a black Labrador’s joyous day of digging. Particles of me follow the rhythm of the tides, taking me on a journey into the deep green and blue ocean currents leaving behind the...

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My Bobble Head Dashboard Deity

By on Jul 13, 2013 in Poetry | Comments Off

In the hours before dawn, on a desolate Mojave Desert highway, I ask my bobble head dashboard Buddha deity, his once bright colors faded, nose melted by furnace-like desert heat, his bloated, smiling head bobbling like an old man with a neurological condition, whose God is the right God?   He bobbles amiably, as he so often does when asked the unanswerable, gyrating his distended belly.   Been with me for 30 years since I Crazy Glued him to the shiny, oiled, fake leather dashboard of my 1975 Dodge Dart; now a car show classic.   Just like Mother Theresa, near the end of her...

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