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Sometimes the Messenger Deserves Killing

By on Oct 30, 2020 in Humor, Poetry | Comments Off

Once you start stabbing people who deserve it, where do you stop? So many worthy candidates. Macbeth’s problem. At least he had a wife to blame. There are always going to be witches, cackling over cauldrons, to set you thinking, woods to get lost in mid-life, battles to come back from with your mind on chores left undone back at the castle, scores to settle, slights to avenge. The moat needs draining, the murder holes are low on oil, and that distant relative chained to the dungeon wall has a dentist’s appointment. No need to question where these messages come from, this clarity that...

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Always Assessing Size

By on Sep 3, 2017 in Poetry | 1 comment

Between the size of a hummingbird’s skull and a whale, we take pride in being able to walk upright while thumbing a keypad and telling our friends what we’re seeing, thinking, planning, preparing to do. A hummingbird will not hesitate to attack a human being if it thinks it’s a threat. What a whale thinks as it sinks through the planet’s wet skin, no one knows. But, whatever it is, it makes them...

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