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A Brief Consideration of Life

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Based on the Decision-Making Processes of the Ancient Persians as Reported by Herodotus   Herodotus, the historian, wrote that, “If an important decision is to be made, [the ancient Persians would] discuss the question when they are drunk, and … the next day and while sober.” [1] This has stuck in my mind ever since I read it, for this is how I’d like to live my life. I don’t mean making decisions like this, discussing – or even just thinking over – everything twice. Wise as the Persians may have been. I’d like to live my life twice, once sober and once...

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It was the new neighbors that made me plug my ears. They did it with crow’s caws and popgun bangs; with doors and cupboards; with heedless laughter that woke me but not my wife, and left me envious in the dark. Once awake, I’d roll back old stones and peer at the grubs and worms of memory and conscience. The hours spent hunting sadness passed quickly. Now the earplugs take up what is in my head and show it to the morning, adhesive and greedy for dust. They grow dingy gray and yellow from use. I cannot bring myself to wash them. The earplugs keep the neighbors out. But they do not bring...

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