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In the Desert of My Mind

By on Sep 20, 2015 in Poetry | Comments Off

I am cactus without flower, camel without hump, oasis without water. I am absence of wishes and desire to wander deeper into monotonous dunes. I am independent grain, drifting in wind, hoping I will find friction, fuse into reflective solid, shine as blue of my eye becomes mirror to anonymous seekers of the...

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The Road to Anvil Road

By on Dec 17, 2014 in Poetry | Comments Off

is clearly an ACME creation, arrived in pieces, with manual translatable to coyote. Three cliffs with tenuous ledges and a canyon trail clicked. Tab A’s into slot B’s completed ideal spot for high-speed avian ambush. Warning! Elevation: dangerous. The vertical rise distorts perspective, makes targeting alignment calculations skew. The configuration does not allow for wind effects or added weight of steel extras. One pressure change, a few too many Beep Beep’s, and Poof! you are the road-kill sandwich. Accordion bodied, arms and legs all that...

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