Wild Transitions Contents

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Black Cherry – Carol Hamilton
To Moon or Elsewhere
– Ishita Bhaduri
Israeli Morning – Daniel Wilcox
Tonight’s The Night We Begin! – Bill Gillard
A Neighbor’s Death
– Frank De Canio
Possibilities – Jeannine Pitas
night flowers
– Janet Butler
The Sanity (1967-1997) – Robert Lietz
On The Third Ring
– R.S. Carlson
Cut Grass in Snow – Michael Lee Johnson
My Best Friend’s Mental Illness
– Terri Brown-Davidson
How to Write a Sonnet – Terri Brown-Davidson
Between your two weakest fingers – Simon Perchik
Sunflowers (Triolet)
– Joanna Weston
“Where are you going? Michael. Michael.”
– Michael Estabrook
My Brave Mexican Girl – Mather Schneider
My Second Half Century – David James
You See My Arms Open
– Richard Alan Bunch


Eve – Chris Castle
The Letter – Jennifer Bossert
January Thaw – Stephen Muret
A Chagall Figure in the Night – Helen Tzagoloff
In Spring’s Bed
– Jude Coulter-Pultz
My Best Friend Forever – Jim Harrington
– Tony Dvorak
One Blink for Yes
– Margaret Karmazin
Small Square of Light – Brady Allen


The Custard Cow – Kathryn Jacobs
Laundry – David Breitkopf
Root Canal – Margaret Karmazin
Letter from the Patent and Trade Office: You Can’t Patent a Time Traveling De Lorean
– John Frank Weaver


How I Broke Into New York Fashion – Dean Borok
Innocence and Esperance
– Michael G. Cornelius
Jane Eyre and Alice
– Kathryn Atwood
– Donna Marie Miller
Narrow Escapes
– Raghbir Dhillon
Looking Down from a Ski Chair – John Joyce

Sarajevo Film Festival – Radmila Djurica

Ljubljana Film Festival - Radmila Djurica


Cuttings are shorter pieces, thoughts and observations.
The theme for Cuttings this issue is “transitions.”

Next issue’s theme will be “heat.”

Each Time – Sara Siegel
Faces in Odd Places – Sue Ellis
Pancakes Cure Cancer – Suzanne Sykora
Outer Lands – 1915
– Meg Pokrass


Ageless on Two Wheels – Martin Kimeldorf
Cat Stanley Final Photographs – Cecilia Chapman


Tim Powers, science fiction/fantasy author – Alyce Wilson


Halfing’s Court by Danielle Ackley-McPhail – Alyce Wilson
Genuine Men by Nancy Bruno – Alyce Wilson
Dig Up My Gold by Arthur Birkby – Alyce Wilson
Idol Musings, edited by Sophie N. Childs – Mary Matus
A Tiara for the Twentieth Century by Suzanne Richardson Harvey – Alyce Wilson
Chansons of a Chinaman by Changming Yuan – Alyce Wilson
A Whale’s Tale by Daniel S. Janik – Alyce Wilson


Alyce Wilson is the editor of Wild Violet and in her copious spare time writes humor, non-fiction, fiction and poetry and infrequently keeps an online journal. Her first chapbook, Picturebook of the Martyrs; her e-book/pamphlet, Stay Out of the Bin! An Editor's Tips on Getting Published in Lit Mags ; her book of essays and columns, The Art of Life; her humorous nonfiction ebook, Dedicated Idiocy: How Monty Python Fandom Changed My Life, and her newest poetry collection, Owning the Ghosts, can all be ordered from her Web site, AlyceWilson.com. In late 2019, she published a volume of poetry by her third great-grandfather, Reading's Physician Poet: Poems by Dr. James Meredith Mathews, which also contains genealogical information about the Mathews family. She lives with her husband and son in the Philadelphia area and takes far too many photos of her handsome, creative son, nicknamed Kung Fu Panda.