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Terminal Opera

By on May 30, 2011 in Contest Winners | 1 comment

I watched a mockingbird die this morning, With factory smoke and runway to backdrop her exit. Having banged her skull soundlessly against the thick window, she fell on her back. “Oh, no.” I heard myself say. The scaffold of weightless skeleton descended to graceful slow-motion.  Feet lost their hold and sank; seed-eyes emptied, tailfeathers froze straight to blank, blue sky. Out. The man who heard me, looked. “Oh that.” He said, turning back to take an obliging picture for a mother nearby whose little boy did not notice the body on the ledge as he pressed his...

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June 2010 Contest Winner: Gizmo is Missing

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The lights are on at 3 am. I’m wondering, wandering up and down the halls Gizmo is missing. He left Tuesday afternoon – without direction. Never been out of the house. A fat cat content to sleep in the sun has taken up residence in the rain. Gizmo is missing. I’m moving on Friday so the search is frantic. Fliers, phone calls, all without direction. Gizmo is missing. He left Tuesday afternoon. I called up and down empty streets. The only response from a neighbor who lost her cat to coyotes. Up and down the halls, no fat cat content to sleep in the sun. I’m moving...

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May 2010 Contest Winner: Impact

By on May 24, 2010 in Contest Winners | Comments Off

I park my car In a circle Of wind savaged trees. Branches Leap from their mothers.  One babe Taps my door, But I stay inside, in uteri. I harbor my thoughts. They fold within. Pride Is a constant tiller. I will— Not ask him again. No, not again.   The topic for May 2010 was “My Favorite Mistake.”

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