Whether or Not

By on Nov 8, 2020 in Featured, Poetry

Bird singing with autumn landscape

The morning thrush and lark, which greet the dawn
or make it, sing no matter who is there
to hear. When that resilience is gone
and nature herself starts to disappear

another Coming will be under way
where souls of things and beings shall impart
new traits to old forms to attend the day-
song; air shall grow ears; soil, assume a heart;

tongues, noses, fingertips and eyes shall be
affixed to blades, leaves, lakes, florescences,
clouds, mist: that all, in all humility,
shall listen, taste, feel, savor all that is
and its anthem, the morning call of birds,
long after you and I are gone, and words.


Widely published both stateside and abroad, James B. Nicola has several poetry awards and nominations to his credit. His nonfiction book, Playing the Audience, won a Choice award. First poetry collection: Manhattan Plaza, 2014, available at sites.google.com/site/jamesbnicola. Second collection: Stage to Page: Poems from the Theater, to appear in June of 2016. A Yale grad and also a stage director, composer, lyricist, and playwright, his children’s musical, Chimes: A Christ­mas Vaude­ville, premiered in Fairbanks, Alaska, where Santa Claus was in attendance on opening night.