By on Aug 11, 2019 in Poetry

A Wednesday in Oberlin,
a warm, affable, summer day,
dolce far niente,
under the red umbrella, we’re
al fresco at Lorenzo’s pizzeria.
Bees feast, elbowing for the finest,
pink hibiscus blossoms.
Beneath the table, a sparrow begs,
hopping to a lively mazurka.
My wife objects, but I can’t resist,
and toss a piece of crust,
exceedingly satisfied as the tiny
bird pecks at the edges of lunch.
It occasionally glances at me,
wary, grateful, greedy.
That’s it. There’s nothing more
to this inconsequential moment.
This abundance is enough.


David Sapp is a writer, artist and professor living along the southern shore of Lake Erie in North America. He is a 2018 Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award grant recipient for poetry. His poems have appeared widely in a number of venues across the United States, in Canada and the United Kingdom. His publications also include articles in the Journal of Creative Behavior; chapbooks Close to Home and Two Buddha; and his novel, Flying Over Erie.