Isolation in a Passenger Car

By on May 26, 2019 in Poetry

Train in the Rockies of Montana

I descend from the higher Rockies to
Deer Lodge, very much the high plain.

At 3 miles sun reflects from a window.
The land coincides in its one identity,
except this window soon to bounce its
light to dialectical dark of the cosmos.
Personally I can not challenge the sight.

Greedy for the compensations of space,
I refuse to broadcast my fugitive fantasy
of my isolation at rest in a passenger car.

But for beauty, I rue my caterpillar pace
slowed on my itinerary, too short of Butte.


Keith Moul's work has appeared widely for more than 40 years. Blue & Yellow Dog Press published his chapbook, The Grammar of Mind, in 2010; Red Ochre Press released Beautiful Agitation, a winner of its 2011 chapbook contest, in Fall 2012. In 2010 a poem written to accompany one of his photos was a Pushcart nominee. Broken Publications published a full-length collection of poems/photos called Reconsidered Light and released his latest book, To Take and Have Not, in September 2014.