Green Sonnets

By on Jul 23, 2017 in Poetry

Silhouette of falling man on multicolored background

Only green sonnets from this pen,
beginning words from failure’s half-formed tongue,
in a struggle to create, to sing within
the time one’s finest words are sung.
Not these letters that score the page,
that stumble through and fumble back,
that play this mindless game in quiet rage,
not these, those golden words I lack.
Maybe once, all lines had fallen true,
somehow found their blistered place,
only glimpsed a glimmer of that shine.
Maybe once, I conjured words that flew,
that saw the smiling of one musing face
that fell so level, so clumsily blessed as mine.


John Timothy Robinson is a traditional citizen and 1999 graduate of Marshall University’s Creative Writing program with a Regent’s Bachelor of Arts. He has graduate study experience with an emphasis in literary criticism and an interest in American Formalism. He is a 10-year educator in Mason County, West Virginia. Please accept the enclosed material for publication. He has been published in Blue Collar Review, Kestrel, California Quarterly, Ship of Fools and Floyd County Moonshine.