Traveling People Part I — Dissociative Blues

By on May 30, 2011 in Contest Winners

Woman crying in airport with superimposed fractal

She has tears and red eyes
In the airport
Sitting just steps
Waiting to fly

Waiting to escape her broken world

She bows her head
Staring into the palms
                         Of her hands

Of a life she thought was hers
Lost eyes run along the line until
It comes to an end
And there she lingers


Just steps away
Her decision is rising up

In the solitude of her soul

She stands on the edge of some precipice—
A woman
       who is so lonely
A woman
        who is so lost

Out in the ocean where
there is no sight of land
                     A woman who is long suffering
                                                waiting for a sign—

Her phone rings…


Yet, she is distant
Eyes unfocused
So far away
Her phone is ringing

Just five steps away
In a distant land
She comes to an end

Her phone is ringing louder longer
Demanding to be answered


But it no longer matters
For the woman who had tears and red eyes
Waiting in an airport
So close to me and so far from me

Has flown away to some distant place

Her flight has been called…


This poem placed second in the 2009 Wild Violet Poetry Contest.

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Robert McMullen is an ordained Presbyterian pastor who has been writing poetry on and off for several years and finally got the courage to do something with them (for good or ill). He grew up in Kansas and being a pastor; he has moved around from Texas to Indiana, Virginia, and now South Carolina.