Vol. II Issue 2
(Frosted Lily)

Eric S. Brown
Eric S. Brown lives in North Carolina. His chapbook is coming out this April from Undaunted Press, two novel-length collections are coming out from Double Dragon Books this summer, and a tale is due out soon in the Of Flesh and Hunger anthology edited by John Lawson. He's had 121 short stories published in print and on-line markets. He has edited for the award-winning Alternate Realities webzine, the Swamp, the Smoky Mountain News, and he is the book reviewer for the Haunted, as well as a member of the HWA. He is up for three different Preditors and Editors awards this year and runs the webzine (formerly print and a bestseller) Night Shopping.
Humor: On Writing or How Not To Make a Living as a Writer

Kent Clair Chamberlain

Kent Clair Chamberlain was born in the Dickinson County Seat of Abilene, Kansas. He lived across from a large family living in a house where a suicide had occurred, but who never seemed to mind. He attended Southern Oregon College. His first poem, Psalm-inspired "Prayer for the Modern Age," was written January 1961, when Presidetn Kennedy took office. "Forgive us, the assassins, / For we lack Thy Mercy" proved strangely appropriate.
Fiction: Mystery in Crooked Corners
Humor: Queenie's Counting Grouse

Robert Cooperman

Robert Cooperman's latest collection, The Widow's Burden (Western Reflections) was a finalist for the Foreword Magazine Book of the Year. In the Colorado Gold Fever Mountains won the Colorado Book Award for Poetry in 2000. His recent work has appeared in The Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review, Aethlon and Sulphur River Poetry Review.
Poetry: May Your Names Be Written

Keltic Corman
Keltic Corman, proofreader extraodinaire, was born in 1991 in the rolling green hills of downtown Baltimore. After wandering in and out of many a school in the county, he packed his bags and headed west....about five miles, whereupon he was never heard from again. That is unless you're on the Internet. That being his only contact with the outside universe, he created a world just like any other and rocked the masses with this knowledge of cheap places to eat around his place. To this day you can still find him on the net skulking around web pages and creating stories that will never see the light of day...or night.

Amanda Cornwell

Wild Violet webmaster and art editor Amanda Cornwell is a highly suffanciacated multimedia artist and computer junkie -- coexisting with her computer and art supplies somewhere in Maryland... for more exploration of her cranium visit

Rada Djurica
Radmila Djurica is a Serbian freelance journalist who has done correspondence work for the Tiker Press Agency and has had articles published in British Sunday and daily newspapers, including the Scottish newspaper, Sunday Post; in Woman Abroad magazine; and at She has served as assistant editor, reading manuscripts for the Reading Writers Service; has published articles with the SCN Television Network in California; is a freelance columnist for the British monthly magazine Code Uncut; and wrote about Serbia's International Bitef Festival of contemporary theatre for Zowie Wowie Magazine, an American e-zine.
Reviews: About a Boy, Signs, Road to Perdition, Minority Report, Birthday Girl
Interview: David Byrne

Deborah H. Doolittle
Deborah H. Doolittle has an MFA in creative writing and an MA in women's studies and currently teaches at Coastal Carolina Community College. Her poems have appeared in Apalachee Review, Borderlands, The Cape Rock, The Comstock Review, International Poetry Review, Mid-American Review, Parnassus Literary Review, Whetstone and Yemassee. Her chapbook, No Crazy Notions, recently won the Mary Belle Campbell Poetry Book Award. Married to an officer in the Marine Corps, she lives on the New River Inlet with their two children, four house cats and a backyard full of birds.
Poetry: Roman Numerals

Peggy Duffy
Peggy Duffy's short stories and essays have appeared and are forthcoming inThe Washington Post, The Christian Science Monitor, Brevity, Octavo, Drexel Online Journal, Whole Terrain, So To Speak, Able Muse, Flashquake and elsewhere. Her fiction was recognized by the Virginia Commission for the Arts as a finalist in the 2001/2002 Individual Artist Fellowship program for literary artists. She has an MFA from George Mason University and can be reached via e-mail.
Ficton: Fran and Chloe

Carmela Finn
Carmela used to work in a McDonald's until she was enlightened, shaved her head and moved into a loft apartment on the Lower East Side... of a town called Spence, in a galaxy far, far away. She hopes to find a publisher soon for her novella, "Ancient Artifacts of Kitchen Grease."
Cutting: Beauty Mask

Rosalie Franklin

Rosalie writes, lives and dreams in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. After leaving teaching, she studied horticulture, holistic healing and professional writing and editing. Having finished those and various other offshoots, she has no excuse now for not concentrating on marrying the lot and concentrating on getting that first book published (and the next, and so on...). Her day job limits writing time, but it's not too bad to be surrounded by herbs and other natural remedies. She hopes to incorporate more of their talents into her stories.
Essay: Elder Alone In A Cemetery

Caitlin Gregory
While painting a roof last summer, Caitlin broke her funny bone and ever afterwards has been dreadfully serious. She quit her job as a comedy club manager and became a roving minstrel, offering poetry, stories and snippets of songs to passersby from her green and purple Volkswagon.
Cutting: Masks in Theatre

T.R. Healy
T.R. Healy was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and attended Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. His stories have appeared in The Bitter Oleander, The Fairfield Review, Pleaides and Skylark.
Fiction: Distant Murmurs

Carol Parris Krauss
Carol Parris Krauss has been writing poetry all of her life but only recently publishing her woven words. She is a teacher who lives in the Ft. Lauderdale area with her daughter/muse, Kelly, and a bevy of animals. She has been published in Artemis Print Journal, Niederngasse and Amarillo Bay Magazine.
Poetry: Granny's Asheville

J. Ajith Kumar
J. Ajith Kumar is an Indian Engineer working in Sultanate of Oman. Presently he heads the Project Services Department in Parsons Group At Muscat, Oman. He has varied interests, apart from engineering, and has published articles in prestigious international publications like Cost Engineering. He is sure the new ideas referred in the evolution article will become truth as we evolve.
Essay: Evolution of Mankind: Is it Over?

Mary Matus
Mary is an aspiring Dave Barry/aspiring Stephen King (and will acknowledge the weirdness of that combination) who has lived all her life in rural PA (otherwise known as the Land of Cows and Corn.) When not writing, she works as a typesetter in the composing departments of three newspapers (leading to the occasional confusion.) She was once a reporter for Standard-Journal Newspapers and still occasionally writes for the Luminary, a weekly newspaper in Muncy, PA. She is a 1999 graduate of Susquehanna University, where she received a bachelor of arts in English literature and journalism and was active in The Crusader student newspaper. She has recently been published in the online magazine Wilmington Blues. In her free time, she is an avid bookworm, reading anything ranging from Toni Morrison to Dean Koontz.
Humor: Where Do Smurfs Come From?, Snowbound Christmas Carols
Essay: Nancy Drew: My First Feminist

Jane MacDonald

Jane MacDonald, born in Texas of tough, sophisticated, opinionated European immigrant parents in 1964, now lives in Boston. A former athlete, she works part-time as a professional career counselor. The rest of her days she spends taking care of two preteen children and a husband, and engaging in various church and civic activities. In all these endeavors, as well as in writing, she has found being nearly six feet tall an asset. Her stories and essays have appeared in LoveWords, The Sidewalk's End and Blue Magnolia. More of her immortal work may be found on her website.
Humor: Transferring Data

Karyna McGlynn
Karyna McGlynn lives in Seattle, Washington, where she will soon receive her B.A. in writing from the University of Washington. Ms. McGlynn has recently been published in Branches Quarterly, Conspire Magazine, Unmade Magazine, Roar Shock, The Morpo Review and SLAM: The Competitive Art of Performance Poetry. She was a member of the 1998 and 1999 National Poetry Slam Teams in Austin, Texas. Last summer she coached the 2002 Seattle Slam Team to a fourth place win at the National Poety Slam and is currently working on putting out her next book and her first spoken-word CD.
Poetry: My Mother and Mr. Umlauf, The Funny Tongue

Berlin St. Croix
Berlin St. Croix is looking for an ebony coffin to complete her bedroom decor.
Cutting: The Mask Through Which You See Me

Sam Vaknin

Sam Vaknin is the author of Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited and After the Rain - How the West Lost the East. He is a columnist for Central Europe Review, United Press International (UPI) and eBookWeb and the editor of mental health and Central East Europe categories in The Open Directory, Suite101 and Until recently, he served as the Economic Advisor to the Government of Macedonia. Visit Sam's Web site at
Essays: Mind of a Narcissist (My Woman and I, The Music of My Emotions, A Great Admiration).

Troy Vesper
Troy Vesper is an American who has lived and worked in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, since 1997. He has used his career as a contracts manager to live and travel in South East Asia, Europe, the Middle East and several islands of the Pacific. He writes because he believes he has experienced many a dumb, humorous adventures and it is better to laugh than hide. Recent essays include "Help Title (Royal Preferred) Needed" published in The Writer's Hood and "The Best Dessert in the World" published in Tales From a Small Planet.
Humor: Travel Travail

Darla Victor
Darla paints the things you see out of the corner of your eye, the things that are hidden behind trees or buildings, or the dreams you barely rememember when you wake up, that fade as quickly as a sneeze.
Cutting: Halloween

James R. Whitley
James R. Whitley's poetry has been published in several journals, including Coal City Review, HEArt, Paumanok Review, Peregrine, Valparaiso Poetry Review, and Xavier Review. He is the author of a chapbook, Pieta (Pudding House Publications, 2001). Also, his first full-length poetry book, Immersion (Lotus Press, 2002), was selected by Lucille Clifton as the winner of the 2002 Naomi Long Madgett Poetry Award.
Poetry: Chai Tea, Raw Sugar

Alyce Wilson
Wild Violet editor Alyce Wilson is snowed into her apartment. When she's not writing terribly, terribly interesting business briefs on terribly, terribly interesting corporate financial conference calls, she's playing around with her newest obsession, Musings, an online journal of sorts.
Reviews: "Toward Freedom" by Godfrey Green, "Counterterrorist Poems" by Anne Babson, "Standing on My Father's Grave" by John Freeman, "Discordant Sound" by Eric Longley
Guerrilla Girls, Eric S. Brown