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Burning Out

By on Sep 4, 2023 in Featured, Poetry | Comments Off

You, who never tire of chaos, must comprehend this fire, and the manner in which it deconstructs the crackling logs, books we’ve read, ablaze in orange and splintering blue. Victims of our rage—it appears—they turn to white ash that drifts in our nostrils, presses our tongues in gestures of mute farewell. You, who never cared for poetry or philosophy, part willingly with yours, while I confess some doubt, hesitating over tomes you’ve heard me mention with sighs. We are wholly different, it seems, not in our desire to purge, but in our methods of departing from what remains of...

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Dear Memory II

By on Apr 2, 2023 in Poetry | Comments Off

December snow, an unattended wedding— bridge, siphon for what no longer pertained, sound of lumbering cumulus, sludge hugging ditches, on a walk to a hidden bistro. Pockets flush with crumpled cigarettes, an old cell phone—your kiss lingered in my mind, enticing me over a long weekend to be redeemed. Song echoed in my bones— bad news, albatross, melody burning my throat, but I assented to the torment. Until you left for school— sleeping late, mimicking unwavering pines, hushed moon, your voice the music in my dream, I awoke to a knock, almost thinking I’d open the door, before I...

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By on Jan 17, 2021 in Poetry | Comments Off

Oligarchies discard cartons of rotting produce in secret dumpsters across twenty-seven states withholding payment from migrants. Wraiths eat mold. Camellias bloom in acidic soil— gnarled, blackened with ash. Governors convey cases of bourbon to prevent viral contamination, the appearance of insensitivity. Activists quashed by the National Guard reorganize in abandoned airplane hangars, subsisting on canned tomatoes and roast beef. The nearly assassinated president revivifies, endorsed by state radio. Hospitals for Hollywood stars, skyscrapers, appear on the moon. Denizens die in...

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