Wild Violet Contributors
Issue 1: All Hallows

Sad Mary

Mick Choder
Mick Choder is a performing singer-songwriter from the Philadelphia area. His lyrics comprise many letters of the alphabet in different combinations, usually in groups of two or more, although the letter "i" often stands alone. For more information, visit www.mickchoder.com.
Poem: Funeral

Amanda Cornwell

Wild Violet webmaster Amanda Cornwell is a highly suffanciacated multimedia artist and computer junkie--coexisting with her computer and art supplies somewhere in Maryland... for more exploration of her cranium visit www.geocities.com/suffanciacator.

Essay: Sybil of Rhine
Artwork: Gemini Undone
Poetry: Serpent

Michael Dunne
Michael Dunne is a former fiber optic engineer. He renounced the corporate monastic lifestyle for the world of academia. He hopes to gain dual degrees in psychology and history; this would enable him to better study the transfer of french fries to frenzied consumers...
Essay: Corporate World and Lessons Learned

Erik Kestler

Erik Kestler is from New York City's Washington Heights and Naperville, Illinois, now living in Baltimore. He writes for a living. He says send mail: ekestler@concentric.net.
Poetry: Ideas for Growing Up, Reincarnation, Mishwa, Poem

Jon Kilgannon
Jon Kilgannon is the network manager for a consulting firm in suburban Philadelphia. He wrote the sales-management software for a multinational retail organization and produces a yearly two-hour live comedic show which drew an audience of 4000 people in 2001. In his spare time he has been attempting to reconcile the Aquinian view of a just and caring deity with the resurgence of Carrot Top's career.
Cutting: Ben and Jerry's

Chris Martinez
Fluent in over 14.2 languages, versed in more than 34 international ethnic dances, and holding Ph.D.'s in microbiology, quantum physics, and hermaphrodite studies, Chris Martinez is a typical Pennsylvania man.

The Not-zi?

Mary Matus
Mary is an aspiring Dave Barry/aspiring Stephen King (and will acknowledge the weirdness of that combination) who has lived all her life in rural PA (otherwise known as the Land of Cows and Corn.) When not writing, she works as a typesetter in the composing departments of three newspapers (leading to the occasional confusion.) She was once a reporter for Standard-Journal Newspapers and still occasionally writes for the Luminary, a weekly newspaper in Muncy, PA. She is a 1999 graduate of Susquehanna University, where she received a bachelor of arts in English literature and journalism and was active in The Crusader student newspaper. She has recently been published in the online magazine Wilmington Blues. In her free time, she is an avid bookworm, reading anything ranging from Toni Morrison to Dean Koontz.
Fiction: It Was a Dark and Stormy Night
Stand By Your Team

Lila Naydan
Lila Naydan is a senior English major at Penn State University in State College, PA. When she's not reading for classes or pleasure, she's tutoring at the Penn State writing center or having a soothing 2% double latte at a nice little used bookstore located a block away from campus. She also digs spending time with her friends, her parents, who also live in State College, PA, and her sweet little cat Fluffy, who recently celebrated an eighth birthday. Does anyone know how old that is in cat years?
Interview: James Morrow

Sadie O'Deay
Sadie O'Deay, a descendant of German thieves and Irish preachers, was raised by ingrates in the Rocky Mountains. She has had so many occupations that she has given up all ideas of settling into one job and become a career mercenary. She hates to write but continues to do so in the far-fetched hope that one day she might make a lot of money at it. Sadie gives buya props to Ted Griesser for inspiring the plot of "Holeshot", for his invaluable advice on motocross racing and character dialogue, and for laughing in all the right places.
Fiction: Holeshot

Andrija Popovic
Andrija Popovic exists. A resident of Stafford, Virginia, he has published short stories in several zines. This is his first exploration into poetry of any form.

Berlin St.Croix
Her name is Berlin St.Croix, but she prefers to be known as Black Death. She has danced with the Devil in the pale moonlight, sipped cranberry juice from a skull-shaped mug, and worn black to a wedding. Berlin is Goth-er than you.
Cuttings: Peeled Feet, Snapshots of Historic Philadelphia

Arasa Stetson
A flourishing alcoholic and thief of time, Arasa's great goal in life is to start a naughty version of "Whose Line is It, Anyway?"
Cuttings: Dr. Doolittle Funk

Jules St.John
Jules St.John grew up with a hippie-biker dad and a horse-crazy mom who never cussed. Currently living in DeKalb, Illinois, St.John has spent 2 years on the road, living in a van, on the streets, traveling hobo-Kerouack-style from town to town writing poetry all across the country. Swapping poems for spare change, a bite to eat, a place to sleep, named The Poet of Santa Cruz, honorary poet laureate of Pasadena, California, and owning, editing and operating "The Liberal", a poetry mag, has all made for gleanings on writings and expression. Favourite colour: blue.
Poetry: Maybe
, Overhaul

Alyce Wilson
The editor of Wild Violet, Alyce Wilson went as Marilyn Monroe for Halloween this year. In normal life, she looks more like a cross between Janis Joplin and Norma Jean Baker. She'd like to thank the Mysterious Mr. R for designing the WV logo, for aiding and abetting her efforts, and for inadvertently inspiring the name of this literary magazine.
Paramedic, God Spelled Backwards, Banana Wine
The Tyranny of Photographs
Humor: Halloween, Unleashed: The Truth at Last
Reviews: Every Six Seconds by Saliva, Squares and Courtyards by Marilyn Hacker, On the Bus with Rosa Parks by Rita Dove
Cuttings: Things I've Been Obsessed About































































































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