Cuttings are shorter pieces -- thoughts and observations that might not have rooted themselves into a full piece but are nevertheless beautiful in their present state.

Peeled Feet

Why can't I leave my feet alone? At night I pull at dead skin until it peels to the red fruit below. If I were a child, I'd make myself wear socks and moisturizing lotion until the problem healed. But I keep doing it. What's bad is in the morning, the first few minutes of walking on peeled feet.

Berlin St.Croix

Snapshots in Historic Philadelphia

A wide woman in a purple dress with such a big backside that it bounces and jiggles when she walks. Like two over-inflated balloons. How does she see herself?

A shiny blonde teen sitting awkwardly between the spread legs of a caramel-skinned older man. A young man sits right next to them, one hand intimately resting on the caramel man's thigh. A bloated white and pink woman fans herself as she talks to them. Are they a family? If so -- what kind? Who is father and who lover?

Berlin St.Croix

Things I Have Been Obsessed About
  • Grades

  • My weight

  • My health

  • Bills versus my salary

  • David Bowie

  • Vampires

  • What the hell is that smell?

  • British comedy

  • Mysterious bruises I don't remember getting

  • The location of my watch/wallet/checkbook/purse

  • Michael Jackson

  • Reading poetry and then writing an evaluation of the poet and then copying (by hand if possible) my favorite poems into a notebook, and then and only then, returning the library book

  • Purple

  • Photography

  • Making lists

  • Counting calories

  • Finding ways to look like I'm working

  • The blues

  • Chocolate

  • Emily Dickinson

  • Pink Floyd's "The Wall"

  • Writing only with black felt-tip pens

  • Arranging all money in my wallet to face forward, heads up, in order of denomination, smallest to the front

  • Douglas Adams

  • Lucid dreaming

  • Trying to write a song that sounds like John Lennon

  • Trying to figure out what I sound like

  • Editing sound by the good old traditional method of marking and cutting a reel of tape

  • Playing "Solfogietto" by J.S. Bach as fast as humanly possible

  • Drawing cartoons so detailed in high school that I brought colored pencils

  • Trying to figure out the postal service's methodology for assigning official postal abbreviations to the states

  • If the universe ends, what comes after; if it began, what was before?

  • Cherry Garcia ice cream

Alyce Wilson

Scientists have, indeed, determined that the Universe began with Cherry Garcia ice cream and will most likely end with Cherry Garcia ice cream. Einstein added a Garcia constant to Special Relativity in 1918, but took it out when he decided it was "inelegant." The most advanced air superiority fighters use jet turbines based on Cherry Garcia. Astronomers suspect that Cherry Garcia is the missing mass (also known as "dark matter"). Cherry Garcia gives your tabletops and cabinets that special shine. Worship Cherry Garcia at the church of your choice. Limited time offer, call now; operators are standing by.

Jon Kilgannon

Dr. Doolittle Funk
(Written online by request at 2 a.m.)

Ursula was a horny bear; she liked her mate
to masturbate
while eating pears.
I never said she was a normal bear.
Just a horny bear.
And sometimes that's good enough.

Well, Harvey was a shy bear. And he liked to get funky
with polkadot monkeys
and make sweet love
in the Jell-O tub.
I never said he was a normal bear
just a horny bear,
and sometimes that's good enough.

Well, Ursula met Harvey at an ursine mixer
he had a pitcher
of mead and berry wine
He thought that she was fine.

She'd seen her share of sexy bears
and Harvey wasn't one of them,
but she was a horny bear
and sometimes that's enough.

So Ursula whispered in his ear
"Won't you come back to my lair?"
and Harvey wobbled on his feet
and threw up in the shredded meat.
And then they ran outside and got it on.

I never said it was a sexy song
but at least it was a horny song
and sometimes that's enough.

Arasa Stetson

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