Peace Love and Understanding

by Jules St.John

The World is up-side-down.
So maybe Australia is the place to be.
Don’t you dare stare into the sun ---
You go blind

You lose your mind
You go mad
become too fun,

Too crazy, too brilliant,
mad genius for the World to handle

for the World to see…

Well, Maybe I have gone blind
Maybe even lost my mind
Maybe I belong to the Devil

and the Devil is inside me

maybe there’s no such thing as evil
No such thing as darkness, Eternity
--- maybe it all depends on how much Light

you wanna shed on it.

Maybe even a shitty ol’ nickel
tarnishes up all marbled & mottled,
even a copper penny

polishes up real good
when spit is applied.

Well Maybe I am the Devil –
and the World of God
is jealous of my Light –

don’t understand it,
so they seek to reprimand it,
so they call me mad,

cast me out,
say I’m weird
--- crazy, psycho --- absurd…

Well Maybe…
it’s just more fun

being me,
than trying to be you. ~ sometime last year

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