Corrections to The Rules of Fimble Fowl
(for 3 players or 4)

By K.A. Laity

Previously in this publication we gave the standardized rules for Fimble Fowl, according to the official guidelines maintained by the sport's most respected organizing body, the Fimble Fowl International League, who have been noted for their strict adherence to propriety over the years and who, it should be noted, did not, in fact, err in their enumeration of the rules.

We humbly apologize for mistakes introduced by offering our readers these simplified rules for the game, but beg to assert that errors are always possible in a document of this size. Viz.:

Par. 15: "The three players, Sylvie, Bruno and Mabel" ought to read "The three players, Sylvia, Bruno and Ada," for Mabel is, of course, the fourth player.

Par. 23: Players must proceed directly through the second wicket to avoid a Yonghy Bonghy Bo, not merely the first.

Par 29: Missing, after the third sentence: "All players must assiduously abide by the Double Rule of Three, regardless of personal preference."

Par. 92: The balls should *not* be handled.

Par. 112: The proper wording of the rhyme should be, "Barber, barber, shave a pig / How many hairs to make a wig?" but the rest of the out-of-bounds penalty is correct as stated.

Par 157: N.B. it should have been stated that a player may only undertake the "corkscrew" if no ladies present object.

Par. 216: "Fourteen oscillations would be considered excessive" should have been used as the more precise wording than our reprehensible and vaguely rendered "about a dozen."

It is the sincere hope of the editors that no one's fun has been marred by these unintentionally misleading statements and that Fimble Fowl players the world over will continue to practice this diverting game. Please refer any consequent injuries directly to our lawyers, Messrs. Dover, Bluebottle and Skye, 40 Lewis Place.