By on May 26, 2019 in Poetry

Pine trees on rainy night

I went out on my porch
around nine at night
and listened to the trees reciting rain.
It had been falling all that afternoon.
At some point that I missed,
that something-like-that-Zen way
of feeling the World
overcame me
(whatever me is)
and the World went its way
Without me —
Only that sound,
And someone I remember
that might have been me
Reciting rain.


Peter Bloch-Hansen wrote his first poem for a Grade Four school project, the verse to a Mother's Day card he still remembers. At Western University, he published in and later co-edited the student poetry magazine, Folio, while studying English and drama and fell in love with the poems of William Carlos Williams, William Shakespeare and William Butler Yeats and many others later, coming more recently to Leonard Cohen's mastery. He's written, and also produced and directed short plays and some Shakespeare, and won the 2011 Stella Award for short drama. He’s published with Tesseracts 6 and 8, Ancient Paths , The Red River Review, The Penwood Review, Pink Chameleon, Shemom, The Lyric, and Pink Chameleon.