The Road Map to Rich
Joseph Michael Dickerson

By Alyce Wilson

The Road Map to Rich: A Lawyer's Perspective on Getting and Staying Rich is awkwardly named: it should be The Road to Being Rich or perhaps The Road Map to Wealth. Author Joseph Michael Dickerson would have been better, still, to title it How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur, because the book is really a primer for aspiring business owners.

The book focuses on two main ways to achieve wealth: becoming an entrepreneur or investing in real estate. Dickerson knows real estate very well, having some personal experience in the field. However, right now many economists might be skeptical of real estate as an investment. While wealth-seekers can purchase the real estate cheaply, they may have to wait until the market returns to see any real profit.

The book was published earlier this year, so no doubt when Dickerson was researching and writing the work, the real estate bubble was just on the cusp of bursting. For the past several years, real estate had seemed like a secure investment, a lot less risky than the volatile stock market. And no doubt, it will be again. However, it might not be the best time for novices to enter the field.

Putting that concern aside, Dickerson provides some general pointers for would-be entrepreneurs, laying out the major fundamentals, such as the necessity for a business plan and for market research. These topics are all addressed in a very general way, seldom taking up more than a few pages.

While all the elements are fundamental to business success, the book itself is not detailed enough to be a stand-alone, partially because of the split focus between entrepreneurship and real estate investment. If a reader of this book sought further resources to illuminate the fundamentals discussed in this book, he or she could achieve success. It would take a lot of work, however, and those hoping to find a get-rich-quick scheme will be disappointed.

Rating: ** (Fair)

Ovation Books, 2007: ISBN 0-9790275-0-0