Ignatius Bellew

Ignatius Bellew is a Romanian immigrant who washes dishes in the daytime and writes bad poetry in the evenings. He is currently looking for an American bride to love him and extend his work visa so he doens't have to return to misty Transylvania. Don't be fooled by his sharp canine teeth: he's not really a vampire. Please send correspondence and bride price bids to the publisher, since I.B. cannot afford his own telephone. No garlic, please.
Essay: Hip-Hop Jesus

Alexei Biryukoff
Artist Alexei Biryukoff was born in Frunze, Kirgizstan in 1976 and moved to Altai in 1990. He had his first solo show in 1999 and in 2000 graduated from the local teacher training university. In 2001, he took second prize at the annual Altai Region Young Artists Exhibition. His experience in the UK in 2002 triggered a big change in approach, and his first conceptual project (Naked Loneliness) was in 2004. He is a member of the art groups VZGLYAD and FOUR, or the art union Siberian Masters and of the Young Artists Union of Altai. He is currently living and working in Barnaul, Russia.
Artwork: Featured artist

Jeff Bragg
Jeff Bragg is a Wild Violet copy editor. He lives in central Pennsylvania with his fiancee, two cats, and a dog. He works in a library, and he loves to read.

Anselm Brocki

Anselm Brocki has had poems published in over 590 publications. He taught high school for several years, was a senior editor for Houghton Mifflin, was editorial coordinator for the Los Angeles City Schools, and is currently running his own editing business.
Poetry: Habitué

Kate Chadbourne
Kate Chadbourne teaches Irish language, folklore, and storytelling at Harvard, and spends much of her time singing traditional songs and composing original ones. You can listen to samples at her site. Despite years of timidity, her poems are at last donning their tiny rucksacks and hiking out into the wide world; look for them in The Puckerbrush Review, Albatross, Common Ground Review, and Diner.
Poetry: The Two Anns Help Me Make My Bed

Keltic Corman
Keltic Corman, copy editor extraordinaire, was born in 1991 in the rolling green hills of downtown Baltimore. After wandering in and out of many a school in the county, he packed his bags and headed west....about five miles, whereupon he was never heard from again. That is unless you're on the Internet. That being his only contact with the outside universe, he created a world just like any other and rocked the masses with this knowledge of cheap places to eat around his place. To this day you can still find him on the net skulking around web pages and creating stories that will never see the light of day...or night.

Alicia Davis

Alicia began dabbling with the written word at age 12, when she started penning episodes of G.I. Joe for the amusement of her friends. She expanded her repertoire to include mushy love poetry and romance novels until a self-effacing and sarcastic style appeared in her mid-twenties, which she enthusiastically embraced as her true voice. In 2001, Alicia earned a master's degree in English & Publishing from Rosemont College and is currently the director of public relations at a private school in Villanova, Pennsylvania, until she can afford to quit her day job.
Humor: Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do?

Doris E. Dhillon
Born in Cleveland Ohio, Doris Dhillon is the only child of a Scottish Marine officer and his Swedish wife. She earned a B.A. at Ohio State University and a M.A. from Drew University, and she and Raghbir married in 1962. After retiring, she went to India to fulfill her dream of opening an orphage. She and her husband were in th eprocess of purchasing the property when the Indian police made false allegations that she was a CIA terrorist. On returning to America in 1989, she began chasing her second dream, of writing fiction.
Fiction: She Snatched Her Husband from the Yammas

Raghbir S. Dhillon
Born in Punjab India, Raghbir Dhillon's father was an English professor and famous writer. He excelled academically, graduating first in his class in college with a B.A. and topping the university when he earned a BSCE in 1947. For 11 years he was a railroad engineer in India before immigrating to America, where he earned his MSCE from Purdue University. He served with several consulting firms in America, retiring in 1987 as chief engineer with Campbell & Associates. Together with his wife, he has written 90 stories and had a few of them published in Indian papers and American magazines. They have also completed four novels.
Fiction: She Snatched Her Husband from the Yammas

Rada Djurica
Radmila Djurica is a Serbian freelance journalist who has done correspondence work for the Tiker Press Agency and has had articles published in British Sunday and daily newspapers, including the Scottish newspaper, Sunday Post; in Woman Abroad magazine; and at Storyhouse.org. She has served as assistant editor, reading manuscripts for the Reading Writers Service; has published articles with the SCN Television Network in California; is a freelance columnist for the British monthly magazine Code Uncut; and wrote about Serbia's International Bitef Festival of contemporary theatre for Zowie Wowie Magazine, an American e-zine.
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Exorcist: The Beginning
Essay: Fancy an Electric Orgasm?
Probe: Brian Bolland

Alison Eastley

Alison Eastley lives in Tasmania, Australia with her gorgeous husband Steve and their two boys, James and Nick. Her previously published work can be found at Tryst, Snow Monkey, A Zygote In My Coffee, Dicey Brown Poetry, The Maverick Review, Ibodi and many other fine journals. When she's not writing she lives a passionate life as wife and bride, as lover and beloved, as best friends with her husband, whose speech she has no qualms with stealing, rewriting it and making it her own.
Poetry: Valley of Salt

Richard Fein
Richard Fein has been published in many web and print journals. He has two personal web sites on which he's posted poetry and photography.
Poetry: Editor in Chief

Neil Fulwood

Born in Nottingham, England, in 1972, Neil Fulwood is academically undistinguished. He's had upwards of 60 poems published in small press magazines, as well as a handful of short stories. In addition, three of his books on the cinema have been published by Chrysalis Books: The Films of Sam Peckinpah (2001), One Hundred Violent Films that Changed Cinema (2002) and One Hundred Sex Scenes that Changed Cinema (2003). His interests include photography, classical music, and visiting inns and taverns of architectural and historical interest (some people confuse this with pub-crawling).
Fiction: As It Is in Heaven

Antonia Lantz Inman

Antonia Lantz Inman is the recipient of the Writer Online Thanksgiving Poetry award in 2003 for her poem, "The Miracle of You," a poem written for her 11-year-old daughter's birthday. She has also been a newspaper correspondent.
Cutting: Darby in Washington

Rick Jankowski
By day, Rick is a mild-mannered manager for a major metropolitan law firm. By night, he creeps through violet vapor, flies with the wind, and travels through time to steal antiques and sell them on eBay. He loves to write speculative and sensitive fiction. His writing goals are connection with character, beauty of language,and, most of all, sense of wonder. Two dozen of his stories have appeared in small presses and literary magazines. He's twice been nominated for a Pushcart Prize — but ain't won yet — which is why, by day...
Fiction: Of Time, Fraud and Thieves

Michael Keshigian
Michael Keshigian from Londonderry, New Hampshire, musician and educator, works in Boston, performing with various symphonic ensembles while teaching on the collegiate level. He holds an undergraduate music degree from Boston Conservatory and graduate degrees from New York University and Boston University. Writing poetry since the mid-90s, he has been widely published in numerous national and international journals. He has written three chapbooks: Translucent View, Dwindling Knight, and Silent Poems. His fourth chap is a work in progress and he is a 2003 Pushcart Prize nominee.
Poetry: Landlord

Tammy R. Kitchen
Tammy R. Kitchen lives in Michigan, where she writes and takes care of children. Her work has appeared in The Story Garden, Ken*Again, Poor Mojo's Almanac(k), and Word Riot.
Cutting: When She Knew

Dudley Laufman

Dudley Laufman is 72 years and lives with Jacqueline on the edge of the woods in Canterbury, New Hampshire. They earn their money by playing fiddles for dancing. He has been published in many little magazines, boadsides, chapbooks and two trade edition collections. Dudley received the New Hampshire Governor's Award in the Arts Lifetime Achievement Folk Heritage Award for 2001.
Poetry: The Wedding

Loria Lovelis
Born and raised in Northern Texas, Loria Lovelis now makes her home in central Colorado, where she spends her time in creative pursuits: writing short stories and poetry. She incorporates her passion for writing and the art of balancing three children into a rich and fulfilling life. A published poet, she continues to express herself through the written word and search out avenues that will bring her craft to multitudes of readers.
Cutting: The Last Visit

Mary Matus
Mary is an aspiring Dave Barry/aspiring Stephen King (and will acknowledge the weirdness of that combination) who has lived all her life in rural PA (otherwise known as the Land of Cows and Corn.) She is a 1999 graduate of Susquehanna University, where she received a bachelor of arts in English literature and journalism and was active in The Crusader student newspaper. She has recently been published in the online magazine Wilmington Blues. In her free time, she is an avid bookworm, reading anything ranging from Toni Morrison to Dean Koontz.
Reviews: The Falls by Joyce Carol Oates, The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

Susan Kling Monroe

Susan Kling Monroe has been a librarian for 20 years, in the public and school sectors, and now a specialized library, where she plays with books and toys. Aside from helping to run Otakon, the asian cultural and anime convention for which she was convention chair in 2002, Susan reads and shares her love of literature with a husband, two children, a cat, various stuffed animals, and two Asian Fire-bellied Toads.
Review: Beauty Beyond the Ashes by Cheryl McGuinness

D.L. Olson
After growing up and graduating from high school in Black River Falls, Wisconsin, I studied foreign languages, literature, and writing at UW-Madison, where I eventually earned a bachelor's and two master's degrees. After a tour of duty in the U.S. Army as a Russian translator, I moved to Athens, Ohio. The humble servant of five masterful cats, I now live in an old slate-roofed house atop a ridge between a serene Appalachian hollow and a rowdy college town. To feed my felines I work for Ohio University as a librarian and write fiction in whatever spare time my keepers permit.
Fiction: Ill Wind

Mike Ryan
Wild Violet assistant designer Mike Ryan has a distressingly common name. He's not the lawyer or pharmaceutical salesman or the pool club owner. He's the information services manager. The one that loves anime and science fiction. No, not the one from New York, the one from Pennsylvania. Yeah, that one.

Miriam Sagan
Miriam Sagan's most recent books are a collection of poetry, Rag Trade (La Alameda, 2004) and a memoir, Searching for a Mustard Seed: A Young Widow's Unconventional Story, which recently won the Independent Publisher's Award. She teaches creative writing at Santa Fe Community College and at Writers.com.
Poetry: The Dyer's Palmprint

Wayne Scheer
After teaching writing and literature in college for twenty-five years, Wayne Scheer retired to follow his own advice and write. Recent work has appeared in The Pedestal, Flashquake, The Cynic Magazine, Flashquake and Dana Literary Society Online Magazine. He was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2002. Wayne lives in Atlanta with his wife, and can be contacted via e-mail.
Humor: Telephoning God

David Trame
An Italian teacher of English living in Venice, David Trame writes poems exclusively in English. He wrote his first poem in English in 1993, dedicating it to his students, who were on a strike. Since then he has been published in magazines in Europe, U.S. and Japan, including The Shop, International Poetry Review, Stand, Dream Catcher, Orbis, Pikeville Review, Poetry Salzburg Review, Meridian Anthology, Diner and others.
Poetry: Body

Sam Vaknin
Sam Vaknin is the author of Malignant Self Love — Narcissism Revisited and After the Rain — How the West Lost the East. He served as a columnist for Central Europe Review, PopMatters, and eBookWeb , a United Press International (UPI) Senior Business Correspondent, and the editor of mental health and Central East Europe categories in The Open Directory Bellaonline, and Suite101. Until recently, he served as the Economic Advisor to the Government of Macedonia. Visit Sam's Web site for more essays.
Essays: The Basic Dilemma of the Artist, The Mind of a Narcissist
(The Labors of the Narcissist, To Age with Grace)

Mel Waldman
Dr. Mel Waldman is a licensed New York State psychologist and a candidate in psychoanalysis at the Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies (CMPS). He is also a poet, writer, artist and singer/songwriter. His stories have appeared in numerous literary and commercial magazines, including Happy, New Thought Journal, The Brooklyn Literary Review, Hardboiled, Hardboiled Detective, Detective Story Magazine, Espionage and The Saint. He is a past winner of the Gradive Award in psychoanalysis and was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in literary. He is currently working on a mystery novel inspired by Freud's case studies.
Fiction: Tree of Life, Mother Theresa's Room of Infinity

James Wasserman
James Wasserman is a 29-year-old Ph.D. student in psychopharmacology; he is a scientist as well as a writer. James is mostly a horror writer but dabbles in dark humor and fantasy. He is always looking for opportunities to display his work and has an current story publication, "The Expiring Man", in the online magazine The Dogwood Journal. He is always looking for comments, other venues to publish or just a chat.
Fiction: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Joanna Weston
Joanna M. Weston is married with three sons, and two cats. She lives on Vancouver Island and is a full-time writer of poetry, short stories, and poetry reviews. She has been published internationally in journals and anthologies and published The Willow Tree Girl online and in print in 2003.
Poetry: Old Woman Planet

T. Richard Williams
T. Richard Williams is the pen name for Bill Thierfelder who teaches (and lives on campus) at Dowling College on the South Shore of Long Island, New York. He loves reading a good book at the ocean, mountain hiking, gardening, going to the movies, and just about anything to do with science and astronomy. His poems and stories have appeared in Lucid Stone, American Poets and Poetry, Higginson Journal, and other venues. He lectures regularly on literature, art, and opera at libraries around Long Island. A perfect day: a walk on the beach in winter; hiking in an October forest; the deep, planet-studded midnight sky in his backyard.
Fiction: Flanagan

Alyce Wilson
Alyce Wilson is Wild Violet editor and in her copious spare time writes humor and poetry, keeps an online journal, Musings, and watches the snow accumulate outside her window. She has self-published a book of poems, Picturebook of the Martyrs, and an e-book, Stay Out of the Bin! An Editor's Tips on Getting Published in Lit Mag, both of which can be ordered from her web site.
The 7th Sign by Rosemarie M.J. Yusen, Drastic Measures by Jason Melby, Missing Pieces by Sherry Cochran, Reversing Thrust by Carl Hershey, When a Rooster Crows at Night by Therese Park, Kentucky is Wider by Jon Roket, Evergreen by Laura Stamps
Probes: Pamela Sargent, George Zebrowski

Elizabeth Wilson
Wild Violet copy editor Elli Wilson is a family counselor, Penn State alumnus and a multimedia artist. She lives in State College with her fiancé and three adorable pets, Emma, Bonanza Jelly Bean and Ludo.

Mary Wilson
Wild Violet copy editor Mary Jarrett Wilson lives in Vermont with her husband, dog and cat. She has just given birth to her first child, until recently known as "the belly dweller." Her short stories can be read at Hackwriters.com.



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