Sixth Annual Wild Violet Writing Contest (2008)

Fiction judge - Alisha Gaspard

Alisha Gaspard has been writing for as long as she can remember. An avid reader at the age of four, she lived in her own little world for most of her life. She wrote her first full story when she was ten years old. It was about a man in an insane asylum who believed he was an American Indian warrior. She was so scared to show it to anyone that she tore it into confetti and hid it deep in the trash can.

She's now surpassed this little quirk.

She's currently working on a series of short stories about a small town in southern Louisiana and a collection of horror stories. Both projects will be self-published at upon completion. Previously, she's self-published a collection of poetry, Errant Autumn, and a book of children's stories and poems, Zhi: Stories and Poems for the Young at Heart. You can find them both at her page on

Alisha currently works in the confines of an office, but it pays the bills. What doesn't pay the bills is her photography. She can be found on Livejournal, Facebook, MySpace, and Flickr.



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