Belgrade International Film Festival
"The Tailor of Panama"
(John Boorman, director)
Review by Radmila Djurica

Most wanted British gentleman Harry Pendel [Geoffrey Rush], is high society in Panama. He's a local tailor who ends up assisting British Intelligence. A slightly less dashing James Bond type, Endy Oxnard, is played by Bond actor Pierce Brosnan.

The Tailor of Panama is a classic, commercial high-budget movie. Pierce Brosnan plays a bad guy, a challenge for the favorite James Bond, indeed. He has no scruples, even for a spy. Of course, he uses his dead gorgeous looks to get what he wants. And yes, you guessed it, even as the bad guy, he's getting all the attention.

No matter; this a good spy story, and the best acting is done by Geoffrey Rush, the tailor of Panama, the one who carries the whole story on his back. The tailor is a pathological liar, with a dirty past, hidden from his wife [Jamie Lee Curtis]. Of course, Oxnard [Brosnan] uses the tailor, without worrying about the consequences, bringing out the worse in the tailor of Panama. Have you ever asked yourself who is really behind the funny guy working in the British Embassy somewhere in Third World countries? And where is good old Michael Caine?

How hot love scenes can be between a no-scruples good looking, British Intelligence "James Bond" with the good girl of the British Embassy, you can judge for yourself.



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