Belgrade International Film Festival
"Scheherazade" [Swiss film]
(Riccardo Signorell, director)
Review by Radmila Djurica
SPOILER ALERT: Important plot details revealed

What secrets lurk behind the perfect idyllic yacht party?

Well, he is a rich and "happy" man who loves his daughter, celebrating her 18th birthday on a small, idyllic yaht. The family shows up, including his son, and the first innocent argument between father and son starts because of money.

Director Riccardo Signorell
at the festival

There are other guests on the boat. None of them can guess the big secret, a secret about incest, about the father molesting his son, about the murder of the mother, and about seducing his 18-year-old daughter. All this comes slowly out, in the daylight, during a simple birthday party, on beautiful Zurich Lake.

At first everything on the luxury boat looks like paradise; then slowly it becomes a claustrophobic hell of deep and terrifying family secrets. The victim, a young woman celebrating her birthday, becomes the central character, representing the dark family past. After the secret comes out, and guests become witnesses of the disclosure, the brother in desperation shoots the sister, wasting the only bullet in the father's pistol, even though he’d meant to use the bullet on himself. The final sacrifice that he makes by shooting his sister to save her from further emotional aggravation and pain is filmed with great style.

It is absolutely unbelievable that this film is Signorell's first
big-screen film, and that this film director is an inexperienced 30-year-old. Scheherazade has the perfect balance between plot, time and space. It is also unbelievable that such a film can be made with a rather small budget. The director managed to film every detail of the actors’ performance, the details necessary to tell the story properly.



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