Belgrade International Film Festival
"Monsoon Wedding" [Indian film]
(Mira Nair, director)
Review by Radmila Djurica

Monsoon Wedding tells the story of five different aspects of love crossing the borders between different social classes, different continents and different morality questions. Everything happens in one day, during the preparation for a wedding in New Delhi, India. During that one long day, secret fears and hopes come out into the daylight. But after the coming of the monsoon rain, the final relief and discovery of love brings freedom.
Monsoon Wedding is a happy film, a film full of music, full of costumes and bright colors, full of contrasting extremes -- traditional and modern, innocence and sexuality -- all within the full visual glamour of India. It is unclear: Did Mira Nair want to persuade us that modern India is on the brink of a sexual revolution? Or perhaps she started this mission to follow her previous film, Kama Sutra, where she examined the existence of lesbian love in India.



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