Belgrade International Film Festival

"Kruh in Mliko" by Jan Cvitkovich

In Serbia today, people always say Slovenians lived best for the past 10 years, because with a Slovenian passport everything is easier: travelling in Europe, getting a job elsewhere, living decently and having tourists come from all over the world to see a clean and beautiful little country. Jan Cvitkovic is a young director who is old enough to tell the story of the underground alternative art wave that existed before the last civil war in former Yugoslavia. He is young enough and old enough to tell this kind of story, and for that story to become serious enough to pass as a warning.

"Kruh in Mleko" is a realistic story about modern society in Slovenia. But not the Slovenia presented to tourists -- beautiful and clean mountains -- rather, the Slovenia that only one class of Slovenians can see: Slovenians seriously hit, financially and morally, by the past ten years of civil war in former Yugoslavia. This is an urban story about a family living in common circumstances, with a slight hint of former Yugo nostalgia, crowned by the main female part, played by the experienced, creative Serbian new wave artist, actress Sonja Savich. The film represents everything alternative, anti-regime, and artistically creative in Belgrade, Serbia, for the past 20 years or so.

This is a common social story about an alcoholic father, and a drug addicted son. The film is about the dirt never visible to the tourists, the dirt hidden in some corner. The story sends a clear social message of today?s society in Slovenia, altered to black and white, rather than in color.
After "Kruh in Mliko," Serbian people can stop believing that Slovenian people live much better than the Serbs, simply because they?re more politically accepted by the world.



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