Belgrade International Film Festival

"Invincible" by Werner Herzog [UK/German film in English]

"Invincible" sounds like an interesting story, especially the main character, played by Tim Roth. Unfortunatly, despite Tim Roth and despite a highly interesting story, the film is somewhat boring. It drags on too long, when everything could have happen in one hour. Yet, it would be an absolute sin not to mention how perfect Roth is for the part he plays. He's the one who keeps the story rolling; without him, I would have left the movie theatre long before the end.

Tim plays a young Jew from Poland who has the incredible courage and power to make Hitler's Nazis believe he is Nazi himself, with occult abilities, making the Nazi Germans believe in their political victory over Europe. During his skilled magic trick performances, he appears to be a Nazi, assuming all the bad Nazi imperialistic qualities, until he is discovered and executed. Yet, in his theatre, he employs a young Jew who's convinced he is the one chosen by God to help his people out of the World War II genocide in Europe.

This is a story about mental and physical power split in two: one is a Jew with great physical power, and the other has great mental power to successfully convince Nazi Germans of Roth's occult abilities, covering up the truth about his real origin.




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