Belgrade International Film Festival

"Ichiban utsukushii natsu" [Firefly Dreams] by John Williams

John Williams is a native of England who moved to Japan after he studied French and German literature in a London university. After he began work teaching French in a high school, he discovered his love for film making. After his first documentary film, he created Meter Films Company, which produced his Japanese film, "Ichiban utsukushii natsu."

"Firefly Dreams" is a Japanese film directed by a British man. It is a film about the ordinary life of an ordinary teenager in modern Japan. This film has no violence and no sex, nothing commercial to attract a general audience in Japan or elsewhere. Still, this is an excellent art film that clearly portrays modern life in Japan.

A 17-year-old girl, Naomi, doesn't takes her parents? divorce very well. She leaves for a mountain to visit her aunt, who sends her away to look after an old lady. Soon, Naomi and the old lady become friends. They discover similarities between them, no matter the generation gap. They share the same dreams, the same disappointments and the same feelings.

This is a story that connects two different generations in modern Japan: the older generation that survived World War II, and the younger generation who lives in a modern commercialized society, a society that is losing its spiritual connection with traditional Japanese culture. This is a film that allows the viewer to enjoy the natural beauty of Japan.



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