Belgrade International Film Festival
"Black Hawk Down"
(Ridley Scott, director)

Review by Radmila Djurica
"Black Hawk Down" lacks movie star heroes like Tom Cruise or Mel Gibson, featuring Ewan McGregor instead, but equalizing him with everybody else, so that we see everybody as players in someone else's war. Ridley Scott has a talent for the art of commercializing already commercial subjects. The bestselling book on which this movie is based contains interviews with the solders who participated in this war.
Director Ridley Scott

“Black Hawk Down” turns a non-fiction book into another Ridley film spectacle. It shows the grandness of the US Army during the war between American Delta Force and Somalia's Regime, during the US military interference in the Somalia conflict in 1993. According to the film director, the film was never intended to take a political stance in Somalia's war. Even if it is far too long for a war film, take a deep breath and prepare yourself for staying with it until it's over.

Ridley Scott is an auteur of all kinds of movies: Blade Runner as a vision, Thelma and Louise as an intimate story, Gladiator as spectacle, Hannibal as a scary movie....and then the realistically tedious Black Hawk Down.

Black Hawk Down is based on Mark Bowden's best seller, as the reconstruction of real-life events in Somalia in 1993. Scott’s first goal was to make an anti-war film, but he achieved nothing more than the opposite: because all those soldiers really do believe in their country and in kicking ass. With their religion and patriotism, they really are straightforward and uncomplicated, looking for something that can not be gained in school or on the streets of America.



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